The Echo of the Menace

The man was alone. He had been wandering around the building for a long time now. He had found an blocked off doorway with a big sign covered in dust. It hadn't taken him long to break the door down despite his slender build. He immediately regretted it.

As he opened the door, a strong smell overpowered him. It was a distinctive smell - that of death. He passed through the doorway and walked purposefully, in search of another living being. All he found were corpses.

The lower levels must have been sealed off for a long time, he assumed. Most of the floor was covered in dust with the odd corpse dotted around. The man kept his eyes down and kept walking, ignoring the death that littered the corridor. He increased his pace until he found another door labelled 'Communications'. He entered, finally looking around as he removed his hand from blocking his vision.

There was a screen. Another flickering screen like he had seen in the first room. He touched it and it played a video. It was short and was a close up of a man.

"If you're watching this, you are the future. I doubt you'll be here. There's no chance really. They got in. We're as good as dead. Make sure they don't get in. This is the last outpost of life. The world is over. All you can do now is survive. We think its airborn but we can't tell. You'll find everything you need here. Enough weapons. Enough medical supplies. But there's something wrong. The Compound. We don't know how it happened. How it started. When. Why. I've saved the files of our discoveries. But we're passing it down to you. Don't make the same mistake we did. Don't let one in."

Then another person, a much younger man entered.

"They've shut the upper levels. We're trapped."

"But that means there's a chance for the future."

"How can you be happy about that?!"

"We might die but someone will survive. We can help them."

"I don't want to die!" the young man shouted in fear.

"Neither do I, Jake. But that's just the way it goes."

"This is all Passion's fault! She wanted that thing in here! She brought that zombie in!"

"Don't use that word!"

"What can we do?"

"Either die like a coward or fight to the last."

Jake nodded and left the field of vision of the camera. A shot was heard. The unnamed man frowned and pulled his own gun out. He turned to leave but returned to the camera.

"I take it you're Echo. I was. Now I'm just Benjamin. Doomed to death. Or worse. Can you help me? A dying man's last wish. Find out what's going on. Save yourself."

Benjamin turned off the camera and the video ended.

"How did he know who I am?" Echo said aloud. His fingers danced across a keyboard, accessing security camera footage. Soon, he found what he was looking for.

The screen now showed images from the corridor outside. It showed Benjamin exiting the Communications room with his gun in hand. He looked to the camera and nodded. He looked said and his mouth opened and he began to talk. Echo enhanced the image to see only his mouth. The screen gave subtitles reading:

"It's for the best. I'm so sorry."

Echo returned the footage to the beginning and watched again. It shoed Benjamin walking down the corridor, repeating himself over and over. Every person he passed, he shot. As they died, they looked happy. Almost free. Benjamin said one last word before he reached the front of the attackers:


He walked bravely into the ranks of the creatures and was torn to shreads.

Echo turned the screen off and looked down in sadness. He left the room silently and looked to the camera just as Benjamin had. He followed the same route until he reached the same point. Echo knelt down and touched the floor where Ben had died. He looked up and saw something move. He turned to a nearby corpse and pulled their gun, holding it unsteadily in his shaking arms.

He knew that he couldn't bravely face those things but when he heard a female voice call out for help, he felt confident.

"It's ok! I'm here!" he shouted out.

"Over here!" Hope called.

Echo ran to her voice.

"It's all going to be ok!" he yelled, knowing that it probably wasn't going to be.

The End

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