The Hope of Survival

The edge of the balcony had been relatively tall and it had taken Hope longer than she had expected to climb it. She dropped a little before dangling from a support jutting out from the wall. She was holding onto it for her life.

She felt bad for abandoning Passion to that fate but since she had been so unhelpful and reluctant to do anything, there wasn't a great deal she could have done. Hope was just relieved that she hadn't been transformed.

She looked down to see a group of creatures waiting for her to fall down. One of her shoes fell off and hit one on the head, leading to them all fighting over it. She noticed another balcony, much smaller than the previous one, not far below her. The only problem was that if she dropped, she'd just miss it. She tried to swing her body so she could get to the balcony but it wouldn't work.

It was then that she realised it was only a matter of time until all the sweat from her palms made the support too slippy to hold onto and she'd plummet to her death. She could feel her grip weakening at the same time. She just focused on that second balcony, trying to come up with a new plan.

Her other shoe fell off, dropping to made the crowd go wild again. Her vision was now blurring as tears covered her face. She wanted to get angry at herself for being emotional but she knew she had to get her priorities right. She considered calling for help but assumed it would be pointless.

As she tried to come up with something else, the support moved. It slid outwards slightly, pushing her further away from her only hope of survival. But then the end bent upwards lifting her towards the first balcony. She guessed that the support was making some sort of barricade against the creatures and she was on the wrong side of it.

That gave her an idea. She clambered over the top of it and dropped down onto the support. As it had moved out, she could now balance herself on it as there was enough space for her small feet. She watched the support climb even more until it hit the balcony. Then she noticed something weird. Only the end was moving, not the beginning. It was like the support was growing.

She was completely confused. The world had moved on so much that this was possible. She struggled to believe that. She focused her eyes and noticed that it was still moving.



She was moving.

She was falling.

The support hadn't moved at all. Her mind had just played tricks on her.

She had missed the balcony.

She was near to the floor. Near to death.

But there was another balcony. A much larger one. She grabbed the edge of the railings and stopped falling. She was only a few metres from the creatures and they were trying to reach her desperately. She clambered over the top and got to safety.

She was troubled and confused. She needed some help. She looked up to see Passion leaning over the balcony all the way up the building. An immensely long way up. There was a man next to her. She didn't seem scared; in fact she seemed to trust him.

She had jumped down for no reason. She was frustrated. She was tired. She was in pain. One of her legs had caught something on the way down. It was twisted and broken. But bizarrely she couldn't tell which. The pain was too much.

She lost consciousness.

The End

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