A Little Ray of Hope in Pure Darkness

Passion was rightly scared. There was a creature of questionable nature attacking her. It had pinned her down and was about to kill her. She had never thoguht of herself as one for screaming but when needs must and the situation called for it, she screamed. Loudly.

Then Nigel's head blew off. Passion felt the blood spatter her all over as part of him exploded in a storm of one solitary bullet. She panicked as his body collapsed, his torso lying beside her on the stairs with his arm lying across her chest. She lifted the limp limb up and removed it, scowling. She looked up to her saviour.

"I'm Hope." the woman said, smiling even though she still held the smoking gun in her hand.

"Passion." she said as she got up. "Where were you? I looked everywhere!"

"Upstairs. In a locked room. I was hoping you could answer some of my questions." She aimed the gun at Passion's head. "Care to explain?"

"I woke up a few hours ago in a small room. There was a screen with a man. He said I was in the Compound. What's that?"

"I don't know but I suspect you do." the lack of trust was coming across in Hope's voice.

"I about as in the dark as you are! I came down here and I found this thing," she said, pointing at the headless corpse of Nigel, "and he was still alright. He was alive and well. He said something about people getting in. Maybe there's one or two of them here who can help."

Hope kept the gun pointed at Passion as they both climbed the stairs. They then came face to face with the dreaded upper stairs.

"I've not been up here before." Passion said. "If there's anyone here, they'll be up there." Hope looked doubtful but followed the scared woman up the stairs. This time, Passion went up one step at a time, much to the annoyance of the impatient Hope.

The stairs seemed to go on forever, probably due to the fact that Passion was paranoid about the gun now being held into her spine. She held the dusty bannister and climbed hesitantly.

At last, they came to a door. It was large and foreboding and blocked their passage. They hadn't encountered anyone yet and Passion insisted that there must be someone on the other side. Hope was getting more and more annoyed with every passing second and so decided that, instead of trying to find the way to unlock it, she shot it where she assumed the lock was. The door opened at a push.

Passion was forced through the threshold, into the open air of the outside world. It was the first time either of them had seen the sun in what seemed like years, leading to them both blocking it out of their eyes. Hope soon decided to look around the balcony they now found themselves on as Passion pulled the door to, leaving it slightly ajar.

Hope dropped the gun in shock. Passion didn't want to see that again and so she kicked it away, watching it slide underneath the railings and down towards the floor at least seven floors below. Hope just stared out to the horizon, looking at the world they now lived in. Passion soon understood why.

The sky was a cross between dark brown and crimson, as if polluted with the blood of the world. The ground was barren, there was no grass - just bodies. There were overturned cars, all now burned out. The world looked dead. Yet somehow, there were people walking about out there. Some were running and screaming yet most seemed calm.

The two women looked down, both crying. Their world had gone and they'd missed it. Passion spied a pair of binoculars and looked more closely at the area below them. She looked to one person and screamed again, dropping the binoculars down to the ground.

"What's wrong?" Hope asked, caringly. She put her arm around Passion and asked again.

"That word." Passion uttered. "That word again."

"What word?"


The End

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