The Complication

Elizabeth Highway is an five year old girl that lives in an orphanage, she has been there for serval years since she was 3 months old. Her destiny and her future is to find who she really is and her parents that left her there. But causing great mysterious adventure to discover who and why she's at the orphanage

The story begins

Elizabeth Highway was three months old,when she arrived at the Bramley Orphanage in London. As she grew older she became prettier and she looked rather pale but that is because she was never  aloud to go out  from the orphanage. She had rather brown thick hair that curled like tiny sausages, she had rather pale blue eyes and rather a baby face aswel but she had pure rosy red cheeks that  gived her pale face a bit of a glow. She didn't know why she was at the orphanage, she's always thought that her parents is either divorced,widowed, alcholics, drugies or the usual selfish matters.

She felt loss in this orphanage, empty and trapped she always find herself confused why wasn't she aloud to go out and make friends or even go to the park especially when the weather is hot and it's summer. She always felt lonley and felt betrade by her own parents and her social workers as she felt as a prisoner she wonders about her mother and family and wants to find out the real truth about her parents, and the big question WHY?. She sometimes blames herself for being trapped there and her complication with her parents.

Her social worker had brown hair with blonde highlights that streaked her hair from top to bottom, her name was Crystal Galaway, she was one of the faveourites social workers, Elizabeth liked as she would sneek chocolate and small sweets to her tiny room, her room was the same size as a carboard box that felt all dampy and sticky during winter and summer. There was no fan's to keep you cool or heaters to keep you warm during the cold snow.

  She Never felt happy, she felt trapped and quite sad , she didn't know what kind of personality she had with other people, she even kept a diary of her true feelings and the days of being trapped, she was scared and cold in heart and also bodywise. Until One day something exstrodanary happened, someone came to see Elizabeth for the first time after six years of her life she was aloud to talk to a real life person, until she got to know what kind of person she is in blood and soul but nothing about her mother or father but about things incrediable about her true self .

This day would change her life and here the story starts, from an orphanage to the real world, well not that real just very misterious.

The End

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