The Complaints Of A Well Loved Girl

The Complaints Of A Well Loved Girl is a short story about......well basically, a well loved girl. Jessica is a well loved girl, loved by her friends, boyfriends, family and from anyone who she meets. However, Jessica is stressed out about the situation as she is starting to get alot of attention from certain male friends after she splits from her long term boyfriend.

The complaints of a well loved girl


Jessica sat on the edge of her bed and chucked her mobile on the floor, led back onto her bed and cried out in anger. A few tears slid down her cheek as she re played the text message in her head over and over again; ‘Hi hun, please give me a chance xxx’. She just couldn’t understand why people just wouldn’t leave her alone, and what were those kisses all about? It made he blood boil! This was the 5th day that Jack had been on at her about being his girlfriend. She couldn’t believe the cheekiness of her ex’s so called ‘best mate’ trying to chat her up. She felt really awkward about the whole situation and felt really guilty every time she sent him a message back.

       She had only split up with Tom a month ago and really enjoyed the attention she had got from a couple of male friends, John and Mick. John and Mick didn’t know each other; she had met them on different occasions. She had met John a year ago whilst waiting for the same bus as each other which was running incredibly late and they had got chatting, and ended up realising that they had the same taste in sandwiches. Jessica had known Mick since school; they had been in the same Science class together and always enjoyed coupling up for weird and wonderful experiments. Nothing ever went further than friendly chats now and again with both John and Mick. Lately they both had been extremely friendly and at first they were both very sweet and understanding, and Jessica was just glad to have close friends by her side and she knew that they were always there for her to run to if she needed a shoulder to cry on. Jessica was really shocked when Mick sent her a message to say that he had always liked her and she questioned him about his text as she was hoping it was a big misunderstanding, unfortunately it wasn’t and he then began to declare his feelings for the sweet, fun loving, pretty girl that he had always had a crush on. So she was really upset when, a few days later, John began texting her to say how much he had fancied her but never said anything because it felt wrong as she had a boyfriend. She was more than upset, angry even; as she saw John and Mick as friends who should be more considerate and there to talk to not to chat up.

      Jessica had been seeing Tom since she was fifteen and was head over heels in love with him for five years, until she realised that he was always going to be lazy, insensitive and boring. She left Tom after spending twenty minutes with one of Tom’s friend’s, Jack. They had started off just chatting about television programmes and music whilst Tom had popped out to the shops and it had ended up with a passionate kiss before being startled back to reality with the sound of Tom walking through the front door. In the twenty minutes that Tom had gone, Jessica had felt more of a special person and beautiful than what she had done within the last four years. The way he touched her face and looked into her eyes made her heart race a hundred miles an hour, she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so giddy. It felt just like a cold, hard slap to the face, and was the wake up call that Jessica had needed. She stayed awake all night thinking about their relationship and weather, deep down she wanted to stay with Tom. Jessica decided to end it with Tom the next day. When they split up, Jessica had turned to much needed friends for support, including of course, John and Mick. For about two weeks, they seemed to be nothing but caring and supportive, then, the stupid, careless texts started: ‘I’ve always liked you Jess’ was the first suspicious one from Mick. Everyday from then on people seemed to be more and more interested in her. It was as though she was the new coat in the winter collection that everyone had to get their hands on!

      Jess rubbed her eyes and got up from her bed, for some reason it had turned dark and the wind was howling outside, she looked at the clock but the clock wasn’t there….. something weird was happening. There was a very quiet tapping on the door which made Jess jump. She waited for a moment, listening to see if her flat mate, Rachel was in and would answer the door. The person kept on knocking on the door and it soon became clear that Rachel was out. She slid on her slippers and wondered down stairs and opened the door. There was no one there, she poked her head out further and listened intensely and could faintly hear the whisper of someone’s voice calling her name. Jessica stepped out of the door way and tiptoed out. The door slammed behind her, making her jump. She wondered up the pathway and away from the house, no one was there, she thought that maybe they had gone round the back of the house, so she followed the pathway round to the side of the house; still there was no one there. The wind started to pick up making Jessica shiver, she looked at her bare arms and started to warm them up when she realised she had started to get goose bumps. She shrugged her shoulders and thought it must have been her imagination. She turned around to go back inside and walked up the pathway towards the house. All of a sudden, the house started to move further and further away, it started to rain and Jess was getting really cold so she started to run, the faster she ran, the further away the house would move. What was happening? Why couldn’t she get home? She looked around her and somehow all the houses around her had disappeared! This was ridiculous, she started to cry as the frustration grew and grew.

       All of a sudden, the whisper was back and even louder now, she could make out whose voice it was now, and it was her mum. Her mum was calling out for her, but where was she? She started running again, this time, not looking for the house but for her mum. She started to hear more familiar voices now, calling her name. She could make out the voices of Mick, John, Tom, why Tom she wouldn’t know, he hadn’t spoken to her since she dumped him. Their voices were coming from a different direction and she was confused as to which direction she should run in. More voices started calling her, now it was Jack and then her flatmate! She ended up walking round and round in a circle crying out of frustration, her friends and family were calling her name and she couldn’t find anyone. It was now that she had realised how dark it had gotten and she was very aware of how much she felt alone at this particular moment. Jessica started shouting names as loud as she could in the hope of finding someone, anyone, she didn’t care who just anyone she could find. It was so dark and cold and she was shivering like mad and was very wet from the rain and, at this point, extremely frightened. She started to wonder if she had frightened everyone away by being so cold and abrupt with them and that’s why they wouldn’t wait for her, but then why were they calling her name. Jessica was so baffled. She just couldn’t work out what was going on. Soon enough all of the voices stopped calling out her name apart from one, her flatmate, this time she was repeatedly calling her name every five seconds and it was getting louder and louder.

      The next thing she knew, Jessica was waking up to see Rachel standing above her bed holding out the house phone, “you’re gonna be late for work! Also your mum’s on the phone cause you haven’t spoken to her for a while” Jessica took the phone and watched Rachel run out of the room and heard her clump down the stairs and out of the door. Jessica was never so comforted by hearing the sound of her mum’s voice. Just five minutes ago in her sleep, she was so scared at the thought of never finding her mum. After the phone conversation she looked at her mobile which was buzzing away on her bedroom floor, she had three texts, one from Mick, one from John and surprisingly one from Tom. Her heart skipped a beat and she felt that her mood had picked up a lot since the day before; maybe she was being stupid about the texts and had overreacted. After all, what has a well loved girl got to complain about? She smiled to herself and thought ‘ah here we go, another day!

The End

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