The Plan

Crystal knew she couldn't return to her house. Vanden would be searching for her. He could be following her right now. She watched buildings flow past the window of the taxi as they neared the airport. Flyer sat on her lap, fast asleep. Brenda, who was sitting next to her, was still trembling. "What do we do now?" she asked quietly.

Crystal had been asking herself the same question ever since she'd made a rat's nest of her evil boss' office. He had her files, her notes, and her lab tests. He would use them or sell them. Maybe both. Who knew what kind of weapon he could create. She had made superheroes out of rats, but she could only imagine what a more intelligent species could become.

"They're going to make weapons out of my rats. We have to stop him," Crystal said, suddenly very sure of herself.


"Um, well, he may have my notes, but we have something better: the brain that came up with the notes and that could still produce more useful information -" Brenda laughed, " - I'll just have to come up with something better."

"Better than flying super-rats?"

Crystal thought for a moment. "What do you know about force fields?"

"You mean outside of X-men?"

"If you could cause and direct a contained, focused explosion... Which X-men had force fields? I don't remember-"

"Maybe you could make us turn invisible while you're at it," Brenda suggested, chuckling.

Crystal stroked her jaw with her thumb. "Not a bad idea. What else?"

"Okay, wait. Who exactly are we going to make the super-hero? And how are we going to do this without the lab and your rats?"

"I've done enough on this project to know how this works now. But you're right, it wouldn't hurt to have something to test it on." 

"How much time do you think we have?"

"Well, it will probably take him at least a week to break into my computer and sort out all my notes. And it will take plenty of time for him to figure things out and start applying them. I'd say we have a couple months, but we can't wait until he's made the weapons, we have to stop him before he gets too far."

"So that's the plan. We have a month to find out how to make invisible people with force-field powers and then make them and send them in to stop Vanden." Brenda didn't seem convinced.

"Basically." Crystal grinned. "So if we modify the palms to withstand explosive force..."

The End

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