Call police

Ross dials "0" on his cell phone

"Yes, operator local police please, I'm reporting a hit and run."

"Stay on the line, while I dispatch."

"Go ahead, police are on the line now...."

"Yes, officer I'm at the 4-way stop at Vermillion and Huckleberry, a vehcile just ran the stop hit my front end and kept going down Huckleberry, I don't have the plate, but it's a grey Buick Lesabre, early 80's, should have left front damage as he hit my right front end of my Blue 01 Focus, look for a blue streak on it."

"Thank you, you must report the incident in writing at a reporting station. You have 24 hours to do so."

"Have you dispatched a cruiser to this neighbourhood?"

"No sir, without a plate, there's not much we can go on."

"Fabulous (sarcastically)"

The End

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