The Community

A weird community that doesn't really make sense

Hi my name is Bob and I am 80 years old I was in a community that was alone and protected by a giant wall and every body thought it was the best place. When you turn 80 you were kicked out of the community and when you walk out the gates guarded by huge monsters you enter this different world then a train stops right in front of it and you get in it and it takes you to this place where there are cars and billions of people now let me tell you about my community. When you were born you had to wait until you were 5 to go to school and start learning you stayed in school until you were 13 then you were given a job and the job was decided by a school board and they gave you a job based on your best subjects in school so you always got a job you were good at. I was in the school board and you were especially chosen for this job I remember when I was chosen for the job I had to go through a lot of training but there were some other things in our community to. Like when you saw somebody going to leave you always wondered where they were going some wild rumors going around saying that they when they left they were attacked by monsters and were killed one of the kids tried to follow one of the elders and when he got to the gate he saw the old man go through and he looked through the gate and saw this weird thing roll up on steal beams and it looked like some thing from outer space and he wanted to know what it was so he tried to sneak through the gate when he got there the monsters saw him and killed him. How do I know this well I followed this boy. When I went back to the town I wanted to tell someone but I didn’t because I didn’t want everyone to go crazy so I just kept it to myself the whole time I was there but after a day or so people started wondering where he was so they started looking everywhere for him but they couldn’t find him so after awhile they just stopped looking for him and he was forgotten. I went through my years picking peoples jobs It never really seamed to get boring I don’t know why it just didn’t I was almost 80 and I was told that I was going to have to leave soon I was excited and scared at the same time cause I remember the horrible memory of that little boy who got mauled by the monsters a couple of years passed and it was my time to go when I did I remember a boy trying to follow me but I told him to stay so he did when I got there I saw the monsters and I was afraid but I just kept walking when I was out of the community a big metal box thing came rolling up on metal beams like I remember from when I was a little boy. When I was almost to the city I remember seeing big metal boxes rolling down the road they were loud and there were a lot of them on every block I remember then the train dropped me off and the conductor said to wait where I was and a car would come pick me up but I didn’t know what that was so I just waited there and the car came and picked me up and brought me to this big building and told me to go inside of it and go to the third floor to room 124 so I did and when I got inside of the room it was so weird and then there was someone in the room and I told him all about the community and some how he knew about that and he told me that it was made by some guy just to fell like he had power over people.


The End

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