The Coming of RagnarokMature

The day when the great wolf Fenrir swallows the sun and the moon and the unworthy dead awaken and leave Hel to battle the glorious dead. The day when all the Gods and all of man and all the giants and everyone will die. The day when the earth will be set on fire and then swallowed by water. When Loki the trickster God has his vengeance for his eternity spent trapped and tortured. Jormungand shall be let loose.

In the end only a few live, a handful of Gods and two humans. And from the water rises a new green land and Balder the bright shall come back to life.

So much pain but in the end, a new, a better world shall be created. This is the one ray of hope that keeps me on my track, that helps me rouse my Gods. So that those very few survivors can live in an even greater world.

I am Odin, Chief of the Gods, this is my prophesy.

The End

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