The "Coming"

It'd said he was coming, so many had waited and waited, we had studied, searching, watching. However, we were human and we became impatient so, we stopped looking, we stopped waiting, we became complacent. 

We made big plans and I am sure he must have laughed at us in our arrogance, I mean what was the life expectancy of man, 60, 80 years? 

Tomorrow we would climb a mountain, the next month we would fly to the moon, the next year, mars. Our impudence was great, our disobedience rang to the clouds, to the universe, to the sacred heavens above. 

Those that brought us the messages scorned us, they condemned us, they pronounced us most worthy of destruction. We didn't hear them, we had things to do, we had places to discover, we had prophecies to decipher.

But, the one prophecy that should have stood out in our minds, did not phase us.

It was silent, very silent.. no crickets, we'd always had crickets. All you could hear was the sound of traffic on the interstate not too far from the house and, it sounded hollow, funny, dead. 

It felt funny too, the night seemed to be thick, when I walked seemed like I was walking through water.

I started to feel the hair on my neck rise, chills crawled up my arms, my skin seemed to tingle. I was antsy, couldn't sit still, expectation wrapped itself around me. I felt an urgent need to read about him.. I grabbed the book, in my haste it slipped from my hand. The book lay opened on the chapter that described his coming..

It talked about silence, a change in the atmosphere, a change so significant people would shake their heads in wonder. 

It spoke also of the feel of great urgency, then it went through the destructions, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, unimaginable happenings.. animal attacks, pestilence, starvation.

I understood the urgency now, these things had been happening the past few months. I mean bad things had been happening for a while but, this was extraordinary, one thing after another. Suicides were prevalent.. animal attacks,, how did a lion get into the city of Los Angeles? Coyotes and wild cats were coming down out of the mountain.

No one dared brave the waters, sharks, jellyfish, stingrays, octopus.. things had gone crazy. Domesticated animals were attacking their owners.. 

Now, I paid attention.

I read all through the night. Infused with great energy, with much urgency, I went about trying to tell everyone about him. I went back to those that used to inquire, I went to those that knew and I went to those that didn't know. 

Screaming it, I tried to reach them, they would not listen! And the days were shorter and shorter, violent storms had devastated many of the U.S. states, Earthquakes had caused a whole new map to be drawn of California. Fires, raging out of control, there wasn't enough water to fight them so they generated burning twisters that moved through, destroying everything and everyone in their path. Floods, ice storms, fires tore open the European countries, the polar caps were melting, Through it all I watched..

After one particularly sad day, I went into my inner room, I threw myself on my cot and cried. I wailed, I howled like the coyote, I bayed at the moon like the roaming wolf. Then I noticed... quiet. The kind of quiet that filled your ears with noise. Light was dancing on my walls, I threw open the window. It had started.. fire burned white.. smoke billowed up into the night sky.. He walked out and I fell upon my face.. He took my hand.. I felt myself lifted, up into the sky, cool wind touched my face, soothing my soul.. and as the poem said.. I had {slipped the surly bonds of space}.. I was free.. looking into his eyes, I reached out my hands and touched the face of God.

The End

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