21st Century GirlMature

Giovanni Yard has always been a doormat for everyone in her life. The ex-best friend who's become her worst nightmare. The dumb jock that thinks his name-calling is actually hilarious. And her ex-boyfriend who resorts to making her life hell for breaking up with him. But it's alright. Because she's going to make them all pay in a week. One week each month specifically bent on making them go through hell and back.

I was never a big fan of revenge. Getting back at someone just seemed so pointless. A waste of time. But all it takes is just another push until you're at your limit--and all hell breaks loose.

I am not popular at school, nor am I a loser. I gravitate between the two social statuses without harming anyone. At least, that was before. 

Lauren Bill and I used to be the best of friends. Our friendship was publicized enough in middle school to the point where acquaintances would always ask me about her and vice-versa. What we do when we hang out or what foods each of us prefer. It was unfathomable to believe that we would break up after being friends for almost three years. 

So it was shocking when we decided that we weren't fit to be friends anymore after I couldn't stand her constant conversational topic around boys. After Lauren's breakup with her first boyfriend, she hadn't been the same ever since. 

She was always a comforting presence for me. But after her growing obsession for a love interest, I lost the passion in our friendship. I didn't want to invest myself into her anymore if she never even tried to invest  herself in our friendship. 

It showed through whenever we passed by each other at school in the corridors. She would shoot a glare in my direction and I, being the type of person who never wanted to face conflicts, would look away and pretend it never happened. 

I was never a confrontational person, even back then when we were friends. Lauren and I were contrasted in personalities. She was the direct and open person that could make everyone feel totally comfortable around her. I closed myself up in a shell from others and never managed to make as many friends as Lauren because of that.

Which was why I only sat across from one other person who could make me feel comfortable at any time without effort, Shelby Lewis. She doesn't stand out and yet, there's something charismatic about her that draws other people's attention. Maybe it was her strange fashion sense--consisting of knee-high rain boots and green jeans--or her wicked laughs. If you heard someone laugh all the way on the other side of campus, that would for sure be Shelby.

You could describe her as somewhat of an enigma.

We ate our lunches, awkwardly making eye contact and small talk as we felt--I felt--people eyeing our table. The lunch tables always held more than two occupants and the fact that we took two of the six spaces that were available and no one was willing to occupy the rest of the vacancies--it was a strange sight to behold. At least, 

The End

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