Act Two: Scene I

[The curtain opens to show the cloud set again, with Peter's feet once again dangling, however, the mist is clearer this time. Peter is clearly watching something intensely, out above the audience's heads.]

God: How are they doing?

Peter: N0t good. In twelve hours, they have yet to rule out more than four people, two for insanity.

God: The other two?

Peter: Love.

God: Ah, It was Juliet and Romeo, no?

Peter: Yes.

God: Let Juliet in, for her good faith and love. 

Peter: Romeo as well?

God: He took his revenge over making peace in the interest of good, hurting his love in the process. He cannot make it in.

Peter: I thought the balance sheets were missing.

God: One could not forget his case. Tragic. Who is that mediating?

Peter: That's Portia.

God: She always was a strong one.

Peter: How do you remember that, Father?

God: Quiet for a moment, I would like to hear something.

[Peter looks confusedly towards the direction of the voice, as the stage darkens.]

The End

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