Act One Scene IV

Caesar: [Standing.] You all shall burn! I am Caesar, King of Rome! I was murdered by usurpers, but that shan't stop me from claiming my rightful seat in heaven!

Cassius: You? You? Art not you the one who forced Rome out of its peaceful republic into a tyrannical, emperor-worshipping dishevel? Art you not the one who impersonated God?

Caesar: I haven't a reason to answer to that suicidal rebel. [To others] Shall we not make it easy and pick the clear choice to stop the trouble?

Portia: [stands forcefully]I would prefer to burn in Hell for all eternity over being civil with this beast![drops to a sitting position].

Claudius: [mumbled from corner] Frailty, thy name is woman!

Tybalt: [to Cassius] Is not killing oneself the greatest sin?

Mercutio: Silence your mouth or I shall silence it for you, Capulet!

Tybalt: You, Montague, art to speak of silence? You have spoken continuously since the moment you left the womb, and yet in all your life, you never said a thing of significance! [Mercutio lunges at Tybalt, but Romeo, and Juliet hold them back, and Portia Jumps up and gets between them

Romeo: [to Mercutio] Would you like this to end as your last duel with Tybalt?

Mercutio: [with a deranged smile] But this time, both are already dead!

Tybalt: [taunting] A plague on both your houses! [bursts into demented laughter]

Juliet: Tybalt!

Portia: The two there art both out. Neither would be allowed through the gates even they were selected.

Claudius: [to himself] I eat my words!

Portia: If we are to be deluded by earthly feuds, we shan't ever resolve the matter. [points out the mouth of the cave] Look yonder! The sun is drawing nigh! We have but twelve short hours before we all burn! [the mumbles and arguments silence, as everyone stares at the yellow sliver of day peeking over the horizon.]

The End

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