Act One: Scene III

Portia: Quiet ye, and listen here! If arguing dost make us lame than we must stand and decide with noble strengths, together through one. Though this group holds both lovers and enemies, if our decision is not together within one day's time, all shall burn in the Hellfire!

Caesar: I shan't let you my superior be! You have my throne upturned! I am Gaius Julius Caesar, rightful King of Rome; I am Superior, and you are but my usurpers [Shouting erupts from Cassius, Portia and Brutus.]

Old Hamlet: Ignite the room, then, with glorious disorder! I was murdered by my brother to take my throne!

Claudius: The eldest son doth not deserve reign without question!

Portia: We may as well make ourselves a fire here, our seat to preserve! None here shall pass into heaven like this.

Juliet: I would spend eternity in Hell gladly, over leaving no longer to kiss my sweet, sweet Romeo.

Romeo: In your love, clad, I shalt go with you into the depths of the pit, dear Juliet!

Portia: Ten left in our running, for two are out due to their love. Who else may drop out, reasons sweet or sour? [commotion  breaks out among eight of those in the room. Portia still stands tall, Juliet leans her head on Romeo's shoulder, and Ophelia looks up at Portia wide eyed and jaw hung, with admiration.]

The End

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