Act One: Scene II

[This time, the stage only brightens to half as bright as before, into a waiting room in the mouth of a cave at dusk. From behind a stone door in the wall of the cave, a brilliant light is peeking. Inside the waiting room are two long stone benches upon which nine men and three women sit scattered in groups. The door through which the light is peeking opens just a crack as a person, Saint Peter, slips through. All twelve in the room look up at him instantly.]

Peter: I'm afraid we have a bit of a problem. There's only one spot left in heaven at the moment. You all must decide amongst yourselves who will get in.

Juliet: What must be of the rest of us? Must we drown ourselves in Hellfire?

Peter: That's correct. [gasps of varied pitches and lengths come from the other twelve.]

Caesar: [angrily] And how shalt that be decided?

Peter: That is up to you. I must go.

Portia:  This will end bloodily if you leave us to ourselves. then, whereat you haven't a person to fill your slot.

Peter: All the more room for the next group who comes in. I am going, and not one of you can stop me. You have one day to decide, or none will get in. [Peter slips our the door, and the room erupts in chaos.]

The End

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