Act One: Scene I

[The curtain opens to display a simply dressed man seated on the edge of a cloud, dangling his bare feet into the mist below. A gentle voice begins to speak, seeming to come from everywhere.]

God: There are people at the gate, Peter.

Peter: I know father.

God: Why are you not there?

Peter: I cannot find any of my records for them. I must have lost them! I am but a failure to you!

God: It is all right, Peter. [A slight haze clears in front of peter.] Why don't you try the choosing game?

Peter: The Choosing game?

God: you tell them there is limited space in--

Peter: Yes! that choosing game!

God: A test such as that should certainly prove character better than your balance sheet anyway.

Peter: We should know within minutes who shall--

God: Peter, give them a day. So there is time left for salvation.

Peter: Alright Father. I shall return to watch from here in ten minutes time.

God: Strength, Peter. I shall see you then.

[The auditorium darkens to black.]

The End

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