The Combined Tragedies of Shakespeare

A play combining three of Shakespeare's tragedies, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Julius Caesar. The tragic heroes of the three plays meet in heaven. The only other characters died within the three plays.

Four passings, all alike in tragedy,

In fair Heaven where we take our new bend,

From old character break new entropy,

Where mortals' flaws beget mortal ends,

From fourth the hamartia of friend and foe,

Arises new feuds, new conflict new strife,

Second time each, a tale ending in woe,

And now once again, falling on the knife.

The discord will not be broken by love,

Holding timelessness, no era or age,

These schisms art not transcended by doves,

Which will be shown upon this very stage;

If you shall lend ears to this twist of thought,

You'll find answers and the drama you sought.

The End

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