Chapter 2

I woke up still in pain. I looked around me. This was not the same place that I was before. Where is the warehouse? RR? My Brother? Where am I?

I looked to my left as I heard something come from that direction.

There was a woman just standing there, in the corner of the room. She had bright blue eyes and long blonde hair. Her looks startled me.

"I see you are awake now then." She said to me like she had know me for years. But I cannot remember her.

"Who are you? Where am I? How long has it been? Where is my Brother?" I quickly splurted out.

"Hold your horses man. You are at St. Pauls Hospital, I am Hannah Peaches, It has been five years since you came here. And your brother is... One minute, you have a brother? We don't have any sign of you having a brother.

I tried to force my way out of the bed but Hannah held me down and called out of the room something that I couldn't understand because of the strain I was putting on. I broke free of Hannah and jumped through the open window. I looked behind me and saw lots of nurses flood the room. I ran on hard rock, but with the emotional pain inside me I couldn't feel the pain of the burning rock on my bare feet below. I looked infront of me. Pure typical American weather poured onto the highway ahead of me. I ran towards it trying to stopone of the cars or trucks that were going well over 100km/h. Eventually a car stopped and inside was a man who looked awfully familiar to me.

The End

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