The Colours Of Summer

What do the colours of a summer mean to Jenna Hayes? Why does she narrate the stories of particular days of a summer and why is the only summer she cherishes?
The answer lies in her narrations of the two most important months of her life. . .

Im Jenna Hayes, 17 years old and a student.

These are the days of a summer I cannot forget. . .

DAY 1: Seven and a half months of struggling, hard work and a coerced study regime later, my spirit has been set free. The much awaited end of school has given way for the summer holidays. With the given two months at hand, I can finally continue writing music now. And that is precisely what makes today a beautiful day.

With my newly freed soul, I suddenly become aware of the golden summer sun rays that dance delightfully upon my tender skin making me realize the beauty in the world.


DAY 17: After today, I can be absolutely sure that I am the luckiest girl alive. I spent the entire evening with Jackson Mendella, the boy of my dreams, the boy with the charm, the boy with the dense, blue eyes, the boy with the everything. After years and years of wanting to touch my lips to his, today, I finally did. Nothing about today can make me forget the first kiss I ever had.

I’m starting to see love everywhere,

In the flowers, in the ocean, and even in the eyes of a stranger.

It’s the colour red, the colour of the suns flare,

That makes me believe that love is truly in the air.

DAY 26: It happened so suddenly. Right before my eyes. I was reading Little Women to her. Grandma Lynn sat in her wooden rocking chair. I was by the open window. She was looking out the window. But before I was done with the second chapter, she has closed her eyes and never opened them again.

My world has now turned black and white. A motion picture that I’m living but not truly understanding. But I have to live through each day. Just for her.


DAY 38: I’ve just opened a letter that just came in for me. Its from the record company, Atlanta Records. For months now, I’ve attempted to send in songs of my own creation. But today, they finally accepted one!

Grandma Lynn would’ve been so proud to see me start a career at just seventeen. Her departure makes this a sort of a bittersweet accomplishment. It changes the setting of my life from the dull, grey sky of a setting sun to the gentle orange haze of a rising one.


DAY 53: It’s the hardest day I’ve had to face. Jackson has migrated. His father has found better employment elsewhere.

We both cried. We both hugged. We both kissed. And then he bade goodbye.

My heart has become a tender shade of violet from being bruised. I wonder if it will ever heal.


DAY 60: Father has allowed me to drive his Ford Zephyr on my first day of work. This is only about the 5th time I’m driving a car, which makes me nervous as well as excited.

I sit in the car and start the engine. Everything goes smoothly even when I’m on the highway. I drive at top speed. I then slow down to make a left at the end of the road. But I soon realize that it is under construction. I begin to steer away but it’s too late. A speeding car whooshes in from a lane on my right, skids and then smashes into me. I feel horrible pain and then let my eyes close. After that, all turns black.

These were two of the summer months I truly cherish. Inspite of the ranging colours of emotion I felt, it was the best summer I ever had. Like a mixed bag of various shades of emotions, I tasted the golden colour of joy, the rose red of love, the grey of loss, the orange haze of a new beginning, the violet of being torn away from a boy, and the pitch black of death.

These were the colours of a summer I never had before, and incidentally became the colours of my last summer.

The End

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