The colour of blood

Camille (Cam) Rivers has been playing a dangerous game. Being a human doesn't matter to this girl. She used to think that vampires were better than humans but after her last relationship with one ended badly, she has let in the idea of humans getting close to her. But since the new vampire in town, Kai has been around; she has been back to her old tricks. She decides she doesn't want him, but now Kai has fallen for her. Can she put her ex behind her and accept Kai or will she try and stay away?

The screaming, that's what I remember, the screaming, my screaming. The blood running in rivers down my arm, Trey's teeth, embedded in my arm.It was soaking into my top. I hadn't believed him when he said he could hurt me if he lost control, but he had and now my vision was blurring, I was losing too much blood. "Trey! Trey!" I screamed, my lungs were tearing apart.

I shoved him away and his teeth tore huge gashes down my arms. He staggered back, his eyes were almost wild. He wasn't Trey any more.I clutched my arm. I could feel the wetness under my hand and shuddered. The pain was burning. It was agony.

Trey's eyes had returned to normal.They were full of concern and horror at what he had done.I didn't want him near me. He'd said it himself, once he tasted blood he couldn't stop. He started towards me but i backed away.I knew I was powerless against his strength and agility but I was going down fighting anyway.

"Stay away from me!" He held out a hand to me. I ignored it and scrambled to my bag. "Cam, I'm sorry, come here, you're losing too much blood." I rumaged through my bag. I had to reach my weapon. It was the only thing that would save me. My hand wrapped firmly around the wood of the stake and I pulled it out.

I pointed it at him, it was the only thing between us. "Stay back, i said!" He took a step towards me, looking for a way past the stake. "let me clear up your cut." He was crouching beside me now. "Please Cam." His eyes looked like my Trey's. But my Trey wouldn't have hurt me. But this was my Trey. I nodded and he lifted my bleeding arm to his lips. "You Liar!" I yelled as I felt his teeth break my skin again. I did the only thing I could think of and plunged the stake into him.

He let go of me. He was rolling on the floor, writhing and howling in pain."I'm sorry" I whispered as I turned away.

The End

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