Maximum Stutter

I never thought that I'd move into a bigger city before. I've being so use to a smaller city that has fewer major problems, as for this place. It has so much noise. Cars driving almost every hour. Police driving around. Gun shots going off in the near distance. Seeing so much stuff, just seems boring to me. It's just too simple.

My high school seems boring. The main colours are gray, purple and colour of the new ceder wood. The teachers are nice, and the library is my favorite place in the world. Once I find out where it is, I'd be here forever.

When I found it, as soon as I walked in. I spoted someone at a table. They looked so flustered at a book. I saw that the person was sitting in front of the fiction novels and graphic novels. I walked over to pick out a book before they said something. I frozed mid-way reaching a book, "Parden me?" I asked grabbing the book I was getting.

"You're here to bug me."

I looked confused, glanced over at the book they have in front of them.

Braille. I looked in shocked but the book. The book I had, dropped to the ground.

The shock of not being able to see, must be devastating. I never thought of it before, being blind. Must be hard. Not being able to see. Must be hurting by sentences like 'you gotta see this' , 'what you watching?' and 'see yeah around'. I've never met a blind person in my old city. This city is much more bigger, which means that there's a lot more people. More nations, cultures, religions, disabilities, just more stuff around here.

"Are you still there?"

"Y-y-yes." This is the first time I've ever stuttered to someone.

"Why are you here?"

"I-I-I-I'm here t-t-to get a b-b-book." I said sounding more formal, instead of rude or maybe I was. I wasn't sure.

"What kind of book is it?"

"M-m-m-maximum Ride by M-m-maRae Lee" I said then covered my mouth. Shot! I have no idea how to talk to a blind person. I thought to myself. I'm making myself sound like a stutter person.

The End

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