Welcome to Big Sky CountryMature

I arrived at the tiniest airport I'd ever been in.  Seriously, one plane for this entire thing, that was all it could support.  After waiting a while for my luggage to swing by (all of our luggage had been stored in the back of the plane), I decided to use the restroom.  As can only be expected, my luggage came and left in those few minutes, and I had to have a nice young man go to the back of the belt and retrieve it, assuring me that that sort of thing happened all the time.

I stepped out and immediately knew I wasn't in North Carolina anymore.  I mean I sure as hell ought to have; I was on a plane for hours.  You know what I mean.  The scenery was different from anything I'd seen before in person.  The town itself was flat and lacked buildings of any height.  Beyond that were huge mountains speckled in sagebrush.  I mean they were huge to a girl from Appalachia, at least. 

Maybe the biggest surprise I had when I stepped out into the open was the sunlight.  It was the same sun, but it sure didn't feel like it.  My guess is the comparative dryness of the air made the sun able to penetrate the atmosphere more intensely than back home.  In reality, I have no idea.  But the sunbeams, while not especially hot, made me feel like my pale skin was doing absolutely nothing to protect the flesh underneath.

I texted Kristen, Bill's girlfriend, to let her know that I had arrived, and that I was a tall strawberry blonde in a tan dress.  She acknowledged the text, saying that she had red hair, too.  Did I say my hair was red?  No.  I've always had a thing about the difference between strawberry blonde and red.  She also said they would arrive soon in a white truck hauling a trailer in back.  Classic.

While I was awaiting their arrival, an overly-professional man who happened to be the only one left besides myself struck up a conversation with me on how Butte was a great place to start a business.  I was skeptical.  Who wanted to move into a place that was practically called "butt"?  He left me alone before the arrival of my ride, but it wasn't long after that I finally met Bill and Kristen.  Her hair was light red, redder than mine.  He was losing hair fast, but what he had of it was a mousy brown color bordering his glasses.  "So, did you have a nice flight?  Welcome to Big Sky Country!"

The End

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