On My WayMature

These are true, often bizarre stories concerning my experience as an intern at a prominent cattle ranch in Montana. All the names have been changed, including my own. And the writing style is... different. I'm just trying it out for fun.

I watched the blonde, glasses-wearing boy begin to doze off with the pages of his surprisingly large novel still opened on his lap.  This wouldn't have been a problem for the boy, who wasn't yet a decade old, except that the one of his hands which wasn't resting on the book was holding a plastic cup of complimentary water.  I watched as he tried to fight his sleep, the cup leaning inward toward the pages before quickly jerking back to an upright position, barely keeping the water contained.  

It was making me nervous.  I mean it was really getting to me.  I was proud of this kid, going on a plane to his grandma's all by himself like a big boy, not to mention reading something that resembled a fantasy version of War and Peace.  But there are, of course, always situations in life where a kid could use some help.  Especially when that situation involves the possibility of me getting water on my dress right before I go to a stranger's wedding.

A stranger's wedding, yes.  But that's not really the reason I was on a plane to Butte, Montana.  Yes, Butte.  It sort of rhymes with flute, okay?  Done laughing?  Let's move on, then.  The real reason I was headed to Montana is a bit of longer story.  You see, I became good friends with a married couple in college, and it just so happens that the woman was Bill Smit's niece-in-law.  Bill Smit of Smit Angus Ranch, one of the biggest seedstock operations in the country and the world.  Don't worry about what that means.

I was studying Animal Science and Agribusiness Management, so when I mentioned my interest in beef cattle, Casey chimed in and said she'd ask about getting me an internship over there if I wanted one.  I had never been to Montana, and the possibility of getting experience at such a prestigious place made the offer too good to refuse.  So here I was.  But Bill and his girlfriend were picking me up, and then they had to go straight to a wedding afterward.  As I would learn well, ranchers do their darndest to party on the weekends just as hard as they work during the week.

About that plastic cup.  That thing was going to spill.  Oh my gosh, it was going to spill.  I finally moved to intervene, but the cup corrected itself.  No need to wake the boy if I didn't have to.  I recoiled again, but I nearly broke a sweat when it tilted more than it had ever done so.  I looked up to see the boy's guardian angel.  Okay, she was a stewardess, but she happens to be the best stewardess I've ever had on a flight, and she was doing a great job of especially looking after this kid.  Though I'll admit, there weren't that many passengers.  The thing might as well have been a bush plane compared to what I was used to, with just four passengers to each row and maybe ten rows tops.  At any rate, the stewardess politely dove in and grabbed the cup just as it was on the precipice of drowning that paperback.

I smiled in relief as the boy awoke and the cup was placed in a holder.  The rest of the plane ride went smoothly and dryly.  I was on my way to a new adventure.  Too bad I was never a fan of strangers' weddings.

The End

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