The college student - Sinister feelings

Upon returning home, Nick went into his room and placed the paper on his desk along with his laptop. It’s nothing to be worried about, just a piece of paper. Finishing his essay, Nick couldn’t help it any longer, smoothing the paper out again he re-read the three words. You’re next Nick. He still couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched, he knew the paper didn’t mean anything , how many people are named Nick in this city anyway.

Getting ready for bed later that night, he thought he saw a shadow outside his window, which wouldn’t make much sense, he was on the third floor of his building. It was just a bird, or a tree. Nothing sinister is outside your window. Throwing the paper in his bin as he climbed into bed made him feel a little better.

Watching the morning news while eating his breakfast, Nick noticed the headline – Two more dead in unusual circumstances wonder what the circumstances were. Nick finished his breakfast, picked up his laptop bag and made his way to the train station.


The End

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