The College Student

Ray was a normal college student until one day he picked up a strange piece of paper. From that day forward his life has changed forever.

The train pulled into the station just as Ray ran onto the platform; he was running late, his laptop bag swinging from side to side. He hopped onto the train and sat down. He pulled his laptop out and started on his essay, he looked to the side and saw some crumpled up paper on the chair across from him; he reached over and grabbed it, uncrumpling it. Reading it made the hairs on his neck stand up, he got the distinct feeling he was being watched. Looking around the dimly lit train he couldn’t see anyone suspicious, the old man reading the newspaper was a regular, the young business man with the briefcase looked stressed and the young school boy had headphones in and was bobbing his head to the beat.

Ray went back to his essay the hairs still standing on end. He got off at his station and walked the rest of the way home, still feeling as if he was being watched. The crumpled paper was burning a hole in his pocket. 

The End

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