The revolution sent shock waves through the streets. Jane sat anxiously tapping her fingers on her won jeans, glancing nervously at the window. Moments before dawn the sirens had sounded, coming only seconds before the gunfire. The women stayed hidden for the most part, left to care for the children.

Jane had refused to stay behind. Eris and her thugs had found their sanctuary, and she could not find it in herself to cower from the fight. Now she sat poised on the edge of a half burned couch awaiting the wounded who would surely be arriving any moment. She checked and rechecked her supplies enough to memorize where each item was in the small room.

The streets had gone silent for too long, now. Jane knew something wasn't right when the silence continued unabridged. Wind whistled through the decayed shutters, sending a chill down her spine. Soft footsteps crunched over broken glass as they came closer.

Jane held her breath as the footsteps stopped before the door. One knock came, then two more followed by a whistle. Relieved at the coded request, Jane tore open the door only to stumble back in surprise.

“Sister B.?” She blinked slowly.

“You must come with me. You are not safe here.” Her honey eyes were calm but her face contorted with concern.

“Where are the others?” Jane grabbed her knife before following suit.

“The others are safe. This way.” The two cut through the street debris and headed south towards the hideout. Bluebird said nothing as they stepped over pieces of the buildings.

“Where is everyone?”

Bluebird laughed as she tossed a wooden skid from their path. “You ask many questions.”

“And you give no answers.” Jane retorted. She quickened her pace to stay even with Bluebird's long stride. “Sister B.”

“The tall woman paused. As if on cue, seven men emerged from the shadows, each boasting a red and gray shroud.

“You trespass.” The shortest man hissed.

“I see no lines drawn across this land.” Bluebird smiled evenly.

“This land belongs to Eris, Queen of the Revolution. All who trespass must die.” The short man stepped forward, pulling his knife from its sheath. Jane squinted against its gleam in the afternoon sun.

“So you wish to kill us for treading on your holy ground.” Bluebird scoffed.

“Enough talk.” Another man barked. “Finish them.” Three more men stepped out of the black void, each dressed in solid black.

Bluebird turned to Jane and offered her most comforting smile.

“Today you learn your answers.” She spoke softly, turning to the men. Bluebird raised her right hand, spreading her fingers apart slowly. Her eyes darkened slightly as Jane watched her face become stone like.

The sickening sound of bones cracking filled the air. The men began to moan in agony, their skin turning purple around their faces. In one swift move Bluebird dropped her hand to her side. In unison, each of the men fell to the ground, screaming as their bones dislodged themselves.

As if tied to her by puppet strings, the shortest man slouched forward, trying to walk on his broken feet.

“You will return to your precious Eris and deliver this message. None who dwell within the Other's wing shall be tainted.”

The man grinned with bloodstained teeth. His movements seemed unnatural, nearly sickening to watch as Jane looked on. She stared, mouth agape, as he staggered away.

“What in God's name are you?”

Bluebird began walking again, resuming her path as if she'd never been interrupted.

“I am a friend.” She replied.

“A friend who can break bones without touching anyone?”


“How did you do that?”

Bluebird, Sister B. to the people of this world, only smiled.

“You said I would have answers.” Jane frowned.

After contemplating for a moment Bluebird finally spoke.

“And you will, young one. There is much to be learned.”

The End

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