Chapter Two

Lynn Fitzgerald opened the door into her room and skipped in. She was an eleven year old girl from a rather wealthy family. She had curly black hair down to her shoulders and she was quite small. She was wearing a pink dress which came down to her knees with a red bow in her hair.

“Lynn....Lynn” her sister called from the main room. She came into Lynn’s room.

“There you are!”

Lynn’s sister, Mary, was around five foot tall. She had short black hair and was slim. She wore a white dress which came down to her feet and she wore high heels. She strode into the room and picked Lynn up and hugged her close.

“This is it Lynn, we are finally on our way, finally leaving Ireland”.

“But I like Ireland....Why do we have to leave???”

“Because.....It’s time for something new.....Anyway, you might like America”


Her sister left the room then to oversee the unpacking of the cases. Lynn left their quarters to explore. She went right along the corridor and up a flight of steps. She bumped into a crewman when she reached the top.

“Scuse me” he muttered and ran on, clearly in a hurry. She skipped along the corridor she found herself on and went through a door at the end. She went up the small flight of steps she found herself on and emerged onto the deck.

A cool sea breeze caressed her face as she began skipping once more. She went to the rail and pulled herself up so she could look over. She saw the harbour receding in the distance, the people there fighting, gunshots firing.

But she was away from that now so she looked away from the fighting and cast her eyes down to the water instead. She watched her reflection in the clear water, face bright with a smile. Laughing as a fish broke the surface, scattering her reflection, and was joined by five more. She saw the fish swimming alongside the boat, lost in their world.

She smiled again as she turned away. Listening to the men shouting orders as others hurried to obey she laughed again, full of joy. She skipped off again weaving in and out between poles and ropes, all the time looking around her, curious about everything that was going on around her.

She stopped skipping for a moment when she saw two boys hugging each other tightly and sobbing. She wondered what was wrong. She was about to go over to them to find out when Mary appeared at behind her.

“Lynn, come on we have to get you your bath. We have a dinner to attend this evening and we must look our best”.

“Alright sis” Lynn said.

She looked once more in the direction of the boys crying, wondering once again what was wrong. Then she turned and skipped away after Mary.

The End

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