22. While Aroa is at the history classMature

Narrator: The council of Veterans. Monday, 11:00 AM. Huge and dark principal meeting room was cold and just three men could be found in it. Two men were sitting on chairs facing another man on an elevated chair. All of them wearing black cloaks. The person on the elevated chair was almost completely covered in his black cloak. Looking nearly concealed in a room with very little light. The only two things that were untypical of a student was a big silver ring with a spoon, club and scissors on it. A ring and a big white cat comfortably sitting on his lap covered in a black cloak.


Dux: Hello everybody. As you all know, an exchange student told us about the potential finding of the legendary book. I cannot describe how proud I am that such an event is happening during our lives. Generations of people waited for that and so many who upheld my title hoped they could see it in their lifetime.

So, I guess we all know why we gathered here.

Aide1: Yes, that girl wanted to see you, foolish aggressive Spanish chick. Guys of course, told her nobody can go here that easily. But they called me. I arrived immediately and gave her instructions on what to do. We kind of really scared her and she’s quite convinced that we have to have it.  She’ll bring us the book soon.

Dux: Good, good.

[Meow, sound of cat purring]

Aide2: I feel so happy now. Imagine what we could do with it!

Dux: Yes! It’s the source of the ancient mind control techniques. Source of immense power. The legend says that the book was created by the Jesuit monks that hid it until the civilisation is ready for the next big paradigm shift. It says that they hid the information so that it can be available just when we get very close, friendly and empathic with eachother.

Aide1: What is that big shift?

Dux: Nobody is allowed to know this.

It’s the knowledge only passed from a dux to a dux. I can tell this to you now when we have some evidence that this is really happening. But keep that to yourselves for now. I have to trust you on that.

Aides: Sure, Of course

Dux: Just like animals are unable to lie and humans are. This is the same thing.

Dramatic pause

The invention of lying.

Aide2: New invention of lying?

Dux: You need to be able to imagine other people’s minds. You need to be able to rationally think about other people and what they know to predict how they will react. You need this for any manipulation, just like girls manipulate their boyfriends or how politicians are manipulating masses. It’s the same thing. You need it for sales and advertising.

Dramatic pause

The book. The book contains information for the next thing like that. No species on earth has it, not even us. The book contains secrets to the mind control and manipulation no person can imagine or understand now. Just like a mouse does not know what is market research.


Aide1: Theory of mind?

Dux: Yes! We will soon, my friends, get hold of this big thing. Lying, version two point zero. Lying and manipulations nobody seen so far.  

Aide1: But why so much lying? Legend says we need to allow anybody to use this. To understand each other better and help people. We can help fight poverty. Imagine if there’s no more money in the future because of us!


[cat yelling]


Dux: No! Are you crazy! We don’t give it to anybody else

Aide1: But we have to!?

Dux: We have to nothing. It’s a free society. You fool!

Can you just think what we can do if we keep it for ourselves! I can lie so convincingly nobody will ever doubt anything I say. We can sell any product or service. I will fuck any student chick in Coimbra even if I am 50. My friend Pedro, you know he has a radio show nobody listens to. We can help him get more listeners!

We will have the best advertising agency in the world because we’ll be able to comprehend other people so well we will be able to sell anybody anything. These Google and Facebook data minding geeks will be just kindergarten children playing with computers when compared to us. These evil banking capitalists will sound like naïve easily fuckable high school girls. Why give this to all the people when we can be rich!

Aide1: But it’s wrong! It’s not ours, the legend says it must be used by the humanity.

Dux: You will do what I tell you to do!

Aide2: Yes, don’t be a pain in the ass, just because of guys like you we might lose it!

Dux: Yes. Just like it takes seeing a first invisible book to get the real second one, they put in a plan to hide the book again if the civilisation is not ready for this. But luckily the only way it can be hidden again for centuries is well protected in our building.

Aide2: Fucking idealists.

Dux: Fuck them. You are either with us or we find a way to annul you.

Aide1 (sounding scared): Ok ok, don’t worry. I just…

Dux: You’re just losing your mind, I hope I don’t have to remind you of the importance of loyalty.

Aide1: I was just thinking this is more important than us.

Dux: It is not! I’m a part of this society. What helps me therefore helps the society! It’s easy as that. You fool!

Aide1: Ok, ok. I’m sorry. I’m with you. 

Dux: Ok. So, we just need to take this book now. It is of vital importance.

The End

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