21 - The epilogueMature

[Intense music, fire and explosions]


The book was slowly burning creating strange noises and igniting the previously dark room with warm bright light. Slowly fading out, Matina opened her eyes for a second and saw the book shining brighter as always. A hard to describe feeling of warmth completely overwhelmed her. She couldn’t describe it but she felt just like the book or who ever write it was saying thanks to her.

Then a feeling of being tired took over.


[sounds of music and fire fade out]

[few seconds of silence]


Coimbra University hospital, three weeks later. Just like waking up after sleeping for who knows how long, Matina was in a haze. Hospitals always look white and with her eyes feeling too lazy to open completely, that’s all she could see. But the feeling was great. Just like waking up fresh after sleeping whole day after an important exam.

Nurse: Matina. Oh child, finally awake. You have a visit.

Professor: Well good morning supergirl.

Matina: Professor! I thought…


As the nurse decided to leave them alone, the professor started to explain everything.

Professor: I’m not dead. I anticipated they will follow you and try to do bad things to us. You see the book was created by very smart people who realised they found a power too strong for them. They were also noble people. They could have used it for their personal goals but this force must not be used like that. It can be used just when people become advanced enough not to destroy themselves with it. Envy and jealousy and posessivenes and competition is just not acceptable when you have such resources.

I’m so proud of you!

Matina: I really don’t know where I found my strength. These guys... They are quite bigger and stronger than me.

Professor: I can’t explain it. But I felt it too.

Matina: I thought I will never see you again!

Professor: The book. I felt such warmth in its presence. I think it somehow felt we want to handle it as it should be. They shot me! I never had a gun pointed at me in my entire life. It was such a kick. I fell unconscious for a while. But when I woke up I thought I was either dead or crazy too. The bullet. It was totally flattened as if it reflected off my skin. It still was a great kick. But it could have killed me if something hadn’t helped me. I think it was some power behind that book.

Matina: Yes! I also somehow felt stronger than usual! I really kicked their fat asses.

Professor: How did you know you have to take my laser pointer?

Matina: Ahaha well I always wanted it anyway. You know, students are making fun of you using it. Looks quite retro. But I found it in one of your books I read.

Professor: Yes, it’s not just a laser pointer. It is a device inherited directly from the monks and fitted into technology we have today. You see, to hide the book again, you need to illuminate it with very specific light. Centuries ago, they used sunlight and special type of glass connected. We have become more advanced obviously.

Matina: So the book is hidden now again? For how long?

Professor: They were smart people and decided to hide it until we are able to communicate using images. They thought it is going to be a form of telepathy and that when we become able to do so, we will be ready for it. Before you left, I turned the device on and told it the story of history from when it was last used, 500 years ago. I also told that I think good communication is not enough to be prepared for this. It’s the idea of altruism and desire to help eachother when I think we will be ready and I tried to explain it. Next time it appears, it will appear after a number people who don’t wish to harm eachother pass near the secret book you saw at Joanina. The device encoded that new knowledge into the book.


Nurse: You have another guest

Matina: Aroa!

Aroa (crying): I am so sorry! So sorry! I trusted them, not you. I’m so sorry. But I was so afraid for both of us.

Matina: Oh don’t worry, come here.


Narrator: The two girls hugged and things slowly went back to normal.


[party music in the background]


Matina became one of the best history students among the generation but also started to discover party scene in Coimbra.

[party music continues]


Months later, it was time to go back home.

Aroa: I will miss you so much!

Matina: Don’t worry, see you in Greece soon!


[Aeroplane leaving etc]



Aroa’s mum: Matina! Oh my child, I have missed you so much!!

Dad: Welcome back! How was your exchange

Matina: Ah it was pretty normal.

The End

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