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She kept feeling a growing warmth against her chest, like the book was asking not to be destroyed. She got the council quickly, and was stopped only by the door. She did not knock this time: instead she turned the handle. and… Click. Amazingly, it was unlocked.

MATINA - This idiots are too easy.

She got in, and started searching for the pot. The office was small, and yet there was no sign of it. But it had to be there, somewhere, maybe if…

Her thoughts were interrupted by a chilling voice.

DUX - Are you looking for this?

In her haste to find it, she had forgotten to block the door, and now the dux and his aids stood there, with twisted smiles and intentions. Being dragged by the two aids, was the pot. Not giving her time to think, they quickly moved in and closed the door behind them.

DUX - Now, don’t move and it will all be easier

Matina felt nothing, even though in their face a hellish fire raged. She was not running away anymore: this ended here.

MATINA - I don’t take orders from you. I know what you’re up to, and you won’t get away with it!

DUX - Grab the insolent bitch!

The aids set the pot on the floor and moved on to her. They looked massive, almost inhuman. But instead of fear, what came to matina was an inner voice, a voice that had always been there: the voice of her ancestors, that had guided her to the truth.

SAMURAI - Matina! Your power is great, you were chosen for the biggest of roles, and this is your moment. Don’t forget where you came from, don’t forget who you are. The power of the samurais runs in your veins, and your blood will be the saving grace of the world!

She felt at ease, reinvigorated, and sure. Invincible. With a swift movement, she launched forward, grabbing one of the aids arms and twisting it, throwing him to the floor. The second one was free to grab her, however, and wasted no time in putting her in a chocking headlock.

DUX - Finish her, before she causes more trouble!

She couldn’t breathe, and her body was getting light, her vision blurred.

SAMURAI - Nothing is coincidence, your destiny is written, it is not yet too late.

She was not her anymore. A vague sense of depersonalisation took over, as her body moved with a foreign fluidity. With a powerful headbut she knocked her agressor to the floor, and with two potent kicks the aids were both out.

DUX - FUCKING MORONS! If you want a job well done, it seems you always have to do it yourself…

The dux ignored matina, and proceeded to sit at his desk, rubbing his hands. Only then, he faced her and spoke.

DUX - Well, well. You have proved your worth. But now the time has come to really question yourself and all that's happened. The book you hold has the power to change the world. With the right people in control it can change mankind's course! Think about it! Boundless power, we can be gods amongst humans! I'm impressed with your will, I would like to make you an offer. Let's form a partnership.

MATINA - You can't be serious...

DUX - Oh, but I am. We are at a turning point of history. All you have to do is side with me, and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

MATINA - Well... since you put it that way... Maybe you are right...

The pot was lying just to her right. The dux was starting to smile. But then she acted - throwing the book into it, she ignited it with the laser pointer, and the flames were magically raging instantly.


The dux could do nothing but let out a howl, as his face seemed to start melting. A shockwave surged from the pot, knocking her out. The last thing, before blackness, was the voice.

SAMURAI - In the river of life, there are fish that swim against the overpowering current. Rest now, my child, you have faced the powers of the tide to emerge victorious. Everything will be alright.

And then, nothing.

The End

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