19- the teacher is there, and is almost starting to explain everything because he has been studying the legend of the book, but when he is about to say what must be done to destroy it, the dux enters through the wall and kills him. He can just scream “lisMature

Matina was feeling defeated and lost as she kicked on the door. A crippling terror that the teacher might not be there was taking hold of her spirit, but it was quickly dispelled by a calm voice answering.

PROFESSOR - Please come in!

She did.

MATINA - Teacher, Please! I need your help!

PROFESSOR - Matina? What happened to you? You look disgruntled! Here, have a sit, I'll make you a tea!

MATINA - There's no time for teas, I'm so stupid, I should have trusted you, I'm in a fucking mess and didn't know who to trust!

PROFESSOR - Please calm down, you can trust me. Tell me everything.

Matina started telling him the whole story, disconnected and broken. Her voice was trembling as she tried to recall every detail of what had happened since their last meeting. The teacher quickly interrupted:

PROFESSOR - Look, I don't need all the details, and time is short! What you have to know is that you are in grave danger. Do they know you're here?

MATINA - I don't know, I hope I wasn't followed, but I can't be sure...

PROFESSOR - You have to listen to me very carefully now. They are surely searching for you all over the city, and this will be the first place they'll look. You have to know the true power of the book you found, the whole world hangs in the balance, and I'm sorry to say but you are the only one who can save it!

MATINA - Oh my god, this can't be happening...

PROFESSOR - I've been investigating the book deeply since you came asking me about it. It was created a long time ago, I couldn't find the precise date. Until you came here with that story, I had heard of it but only as a legend, nothing substantial was ever found. The important part is that the book was created by the jesuit congregation and as an unparalleled power, or to put it in a better way, it shows you how to have access to it. For that, the dux wants it. Badly. That book contains the secret to mind control, boundless and infinite, and that who controls the book, will control the world. The only way out is to destroy it, but it won't be easy. You can't burn it, or rip it, or tear it, it is impossible. There is only one way to do it.


In that moment, the door of the office flung open and the dux stood tall and menacing in the doorway. Everything was too quick: a shot and the teacher lying on the floor. Matin'a's scream was loud, but there was no one around to hear it.

PROFESSOR - ...The freshman chants will give you all the answers...


The teacher couldn't answer anymore, not in this world anyhow. He laid dead. She was alone, alone with the personification of evil, who would be stopped at nothing to get what he wanted. He moved in, and Matina, possessed by an adrenaline fueled inner strength, rage powering her every move, punched him squarely in the face leaving him stunned, a sudden move that afforded her the precious seconds she needed to escape.

The End

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