18- It’s dux and his aids. They try to get the book from her but she escapes from the window and climbs down the water drain. She goes to the teacher's office.Mature

AROA - Your options are easy: you just have to give them the book and be done with this whole situation. Trust me.

MATINA  - Really? You want me to trust you? You just broke into my room and tried to steal the book! No, I can't trust you. And I don't even want to, because if you trust them, I just can't understand what the fuck they must have told you when you met them to make you act like this. Someone deserving of my respect does coerce me like they did, much less stalks me to my home and now tries to break in. I've always followed my instinct, and this time will be no exception. I'm leaving this place, and you better no try to stop me if it's true we've ever been friends.

AROA - Of course I'm your friend, and that's why I'm telling you this: this time your intuition is failing you, and is going to put you in grave danger.

MATINA - The only danger I see here is that so called DUX and his creepy friends. And now you're making me start to think that you are a part of it as well.

AROA - I would never hurt you, and you know it.

MATINA - No, I don't.

While the two girls argued, the Dux and his friends managed to get to the door of the apartment, having broken in the front door. Then, a loud BANG: they had forcefully breached the house, the front door laying now on the floor, removed from its hinges. The fear was paralysing, but something deep in her mind or heart made her hastily grab the book from it's secret compartment and she was now frantically looking for a way to escape, but perhaps it was too late.

DUX - Quite the slippery girl, aren't you Matina? Come on, just hand the book over, and nothing will happen to you.

MATINA - Is that a threat?

DUX - Take it as you'll like, but hand me the damn book now!

MATINA - It won't be that easy.

In that moment, Matina realised that the only way out of that situation was the bedroom window, screw her fear of heights. Anything except handing the book over to that sinister figure. The dux realised it too, and screamed

DUX - Aroa, grab her, she's going to try to escape through the window!

With a vacant stare, Aroa moved in closer. Matina knew that if Aroa laid her hands on her, everything would be lost, but she was too near to avoid. With a quick, reflex movement, She elbowed Aroa in the face, throwing her to the ground and ran to the window, the vertigo nothing but a small tinging feeling on the back of her mind. With a swift vault, she grabbed the pipe leading all the way to the street bellow, and with cat like reflexes even she doubted to possess, she made it all the way down quicker than she thought possible. There was no time to catch her breath, The dux and his friends already ran down the stairs, so without a moment to spare, Matina started running through narrow streets at breakneck speeds. She knew where she had to go. The teacher was the only person who could help her now. Her mind was completely blank the whole time, and it's door in front of her came as a surprise.

The End

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