16. - Aroa tries to steal the bookMature

The night was very quiet. And even though she was aware she should have at least some sleep, even the most quiet noises seemed too loud to fall asleep. She was determined to take the book to the professor.

[Noise of something bumping into something]

MATINA: Oh no!

[Heavy object being pulled]


[fast paced breathing]

As unknown human figure entered the room through the window, and with the the doors being blocked, cupboard was the safest place to hide.

MATINA (echo): Somebody's opening the window! I shouldn't have blocked the door. Hope they don't open this cupboard. Have to breath slower.

[Walking noise of somebody searching things]

MATINA (echo): Somebody's searching for the book. Wait, it's a girl! She looks familiar! She looks familiar! It's... It's Aroa!!

[noise of cupboard door opening, light switch]

MATINA: What the fuck are you doing here!

AROA: Hey! Um I thought you were sleeping.

MATINA: Get the fuck out of my room! I won't give you the book! Get out!!

AROA: Please, don't yell at me. You don't understand what's going on here!

MATINA: You're breaking into my room! Get the fuck out!!

AROA: I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I just wanted to help. This is dangerous stuff here. You don't know it. But very very great power is behind that book. And it can become even more bad if we don't turn it over to the Dux.

MATINA: I'm not turning over anything. Even if you are right, how can we trust this Dux.  And you're still breaking in my room through my window. I'm so moving out of here! 

[knock on the door, bell ringing]

AROA: Who's that!?

[Somebody hitting the door]

MATINA: It's... It's Dux and his two aides!!

They're... They're breaking the entrance to the building.

The End

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