15. - Matina confronts Aroa after excaping from the DuxMature

[running sound, high action disturbing music in the background, Matina barely breathing]

Matina (thinking, echo, sounding very disturbed): Did they see me. Did I ran away? Do they know where I live!? I can't turn on the lights.

NARRATOR: Panicking, scared, feeling lost she looked at the window of her room.

MATINA (breathing in sounding very scared): Ah!!

Her eyes widened in fear she never experienced so far as she saw the Dux crossing her street, two of his aides walking along with him, talking shortly and then going in different directions. All of them trying to look normally but it was clear, they were in a non typical rush for this time of the evening. They were looking for something.

After they moved away she realised she's shaking. She crumbled to a corner of her dark and cold room. Some yellow light from the street light pierced through the tree branches, creating a net of rhytmically moving shadows on her ceiling. All that just added to her discomfort.

[Very loud and unexpected sound of a text message]

Matina (loud shout but not screaming, very afraid): Aah!

Matina: OK it's just a message. I have to open it.

Matina (with echo, reading her friend's message): Hello from Athens dear, greetings from our café, we're drinking Ouzo and all 4 of us gathered here. We miss you a lot but we're sure you're having a great time there. How are Portuguese guys? Kisses, your bffs!

A message included a picture of 4 of her best friends, all of them looking beautiful, happy and smiling.

[Sound of a woman crying]

A feeling of helplesness completely took her over. Even if she could explain them what's going on here, they would probably think she's gone insane. And even if they trusted her, what could 4 Greek girls do to help her from such distance. She never felt so alone and so afraid. Beautiful face that usually brightens anything with a big smile was now in pain and filled by a steady stream of helpless lonely tears.

[sound of traffic slowly fading out to silence]

Unaware of how much time has passed, she slowly realised that the lively sounds of the evening in the city slowly faded as it was getting very late. In her room, everything seemed like before, yellowish lights of the street lights still being the only illumination around. Her sadness has somehow turned into the alerting awareness that she might not be entirely safe there.

Matina: Will they find me here!?

[suspense music]

She reached the bag first, instinctively deciding to see if the cause of all of her troubles, the strange book was undamaged.

[suspense music abruptly stops, relaxing music continues]

Matina: Oh! It's illuminated again!

She noticed a strange glow from her purse where she hid the book. The book was glowing much stronger. And the heat! It always felt warm but never as strong as now.

Matina: So warm! What a strange book.

When holding the glowing book in her hands she felt some special connection. Warmth and calm soothing glow felt almost as if it tried to communicate being thankful. Appreciating not being delivered to Dux. She trusted Aroa. She was her good friend. But something seemed very very wrong with the idea that she gives the book to them. She somehow felt this is a very important thing. Something she needs to take great care of. Something very rare and valuable. Quick realisation that she is still chased by who knows how many people now caused her to twitch.

Matina: I have to go! I have to go away from here! I have to ask the professor!

[Sounds of doors unlocking]

Matina: Oh no!

[person walking]

Matina: Shit!

Aroa (from another room): Matina! Are you home!?

[knock on door, doors opening]

Aroa: Matina! Oh! You're here!

Matina (after a pause, coldly): Yes.

[sound of the light switch]

Matina: No! Turn off the lights!

Aroa: Matina! Are you OK!? What happened!?

[light switch]

Matina: We have to turn off the lights. They are chasing me, I fought them and escaped, this is terrible!! We need to do something, we have to hide it somewhere safe! We need help!

Aroa: Oooooh wait there, slowly! Who chased you, what happened?

Matina: I...

Aroa: You were crying!? Oh no, come here.

Aroa offered a hug to her highly upset friend.

Aroa (in a calming tone): You delivered the book to the dux, right?

Matina (sounding very nervous): I wanted to. But when I arrived, they took me into this scary room, full of skull candle holders and that Dux guy, he seemed really frightening and unnerving.

Aroa: Oh! You met the Dux in their meeting room!?

Matina: Yes, haven't you told me to go to him!

Aroa: Well yes but it's very rare for people to go there.

Matina: So what, I should feel honoured!?

Aroa: Haha well in a way, yes, they don't allow students easily into their internal meetings.

Matina: But they were terrible. They said that I need to deliver them the book. But I told them I don't have it with me. And they attacked me!

Aroa: Wait a minute, you didn't deliver the book!?

Matina: No! I expected some information first, not to have it taken away from me.
I will talk to the teacher too before I give it to them.

AROA: No fucking way, I told you that old bastard is doing some scary mystical shit. And well I don't like rumours but be careful about going to him.

MATINA: What do you mean?!

AROA: Well all of the colleagues are avoiding him. I told you one part. But that's not the only reason.

MATINA: Come on, don't trust TV and rumours . He seemed very nice today. And I got the impression students really like and appreciate him.

AROA: Aaah and the appreciation is mutual. Especially to female students. Be careful Matina. You're new here and don't know shit yet.

Your nice professor. Well he's a known sexual harasser. He knows many influential people and always gets away with it. This type of bastards just disgust me.

(short pause)
Fuck. If you just listened to me and gave them the book, everything would be solved. We have to give them the book! It is of vital importance!

MATINA: Calm down! I'm not giving it to anybody. None of us knows what this is and why everybody wants it! We have to find out more first!

AROA (unconvincingly, fakingly): OK, you might be right. But be careful with that fuck people still call a professor.

MATINA: We need to go to sleep.

AROA: Yes, I guess you're right.

Two friends slowly parted each to her room but with a repellant feeling of mistrust among.

[sound of heavy object being carried]

She pushed her heavy chair to the door to ensure that the door cannot be opened. Just in case Dux tries to find her here. She's too tired to go anywhere now anyway. And where would she go so late at night. Her new bed never seemed less welcoming than that night.

The End

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