13- Matina meets with aroa after classMature

*phone message sound*

Matina loked at the phone, not being able to focus. It was all happening so fast. Was it possible to simple stumble into something so important? Why her, out of all people? With an exhausting effort of concentration, she read it. It was from Aroa.

AROA - Where are you? We need to talk asap! Meet me home!

Her heart sank a little. The message was unusually terse and serious, coming from aroa.

MATINA - What now?

She thought. Surely it was something about the book, a nagging feeling in the back of her head insisted, and the conversation with the teacher had no put her at ease. Now she knew she was dealing with something really serious. She walked home as fast as possible, anxious and afraid. Aroa was sitting in the living room with a stern look in her face, one she had never seen.

MATINA - Hey, I was in the class until now... And I spoke with the teacher, and you won't believe...

AROA - What did you tell him? Please tell me you didn't reveal too much!

MATINA - Well, I just told him about the book, how it looks like...


MATINA - Wow, calm down! What's the matter??

AROA - SHIT SHIT SHIT! That teacher is not to be trusted! What have you done!

MATINA - What the hell are you talking about? You were the one who told me to speak with him!


MATINA - Aroa, please, you're scaring me! Want to tell me what the fuck happened?

AROA - You have no idea what you're dealing with here! While you were at the class I went to speak with the council of veterans, the entity in charge of praxe, and they explained everything! That book is the source of an ancient power, and it cannot fall into the wrong hands! AndI also learned that that teacher is not to be trusted! Do you have any idea who he is?

MATINA - Well, he's a portuguese history teacher, and...

AROA - Yeah, that's the official story! But the truth is much, much, darker... I can't believe what you have done... You didn't take the book with you, right? Please, for the love of god, tell me you didn't!

MATINA - No, of course not... But what's the deal with the teacher?

AROA - He's involved in some dark shit, believe me. Supernatural shit. I know you are a sceptic, but you have to believe me. It is of vital importance. He must NOT have access to the book! You have to deliver it to the council of veterans, they are the only ones who know how to deal with it properly!

MATINA - You're mind fucking me, aroa! The guy seemed really nice and trustworthy! What are you talking about?

AROA - Please, please, trust me on this one. Tomorrow morning, first thing you should do is take the book to the council. And let's hope is not to late... And from now on be extremely careful with that guy! Please! It is of vital importance!

Matina felt torn and lost and helpless. Nothing was what it seemed anymore, or at at least it sure seemed like it.

MATINA - Ok, ok, jeez. Calm down... I'll take the book there tomorrow. 

In saying these words, it felt like aroa's face was transfigured. A new sense of calm emanated from her expression, and she finally smiled, reassuringly.

AROA- Yes, please do it. Everything will be ok when you do, and you won't have to worry about this whole deal anymore!

And with these words she turned around and went into her room, leaving Matina there, stranded like a lost soul caught in the clutches of destiny.

The End

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