9- she tells her buddy, and the buddy is really excited, and tells her she has to go to the biblioteca and steal the ghost bookMature

Matina still couldn't believe what that picture clearly shown. She rationalised as much as she could, and all to no avail. Her head started spinning, not knowing what to do. She had just arrived in Coimbra looking for fun, meeting new people, partying, learning portuguese... Solving paranormal mysteries wasn't at all a part of her plans. But still! How to let something like this pass unexplored, specially given her journalist personality of always needing to know all the why's and the how's?

When Aroa rushed through the door with a panicked look on her face she didn't even notice, lost as she was in those incoherent thoughts.

AROA - Are you alright? What's going on?

MATINA - AHhh! You startled me! Look at this! NOW!

AROA - What?

MATINA - It's one of the photos I took at the library! I mean, please tell me I'm not crazy, am I really seeing what I think I'm seeing?

AROA - But what? Let me see...

MATINA - The others are normal, but this one!

AROA - Oh my god! It's a book, some ancient book... but... ghostly?

MATINA - Right? It's not only my eyes, after all...

AROA - No, I can see it perfectly! But what are you going to do?

MATINA - What do you mean? Is there something I can do? This is just... weird on a whole new level! Do you have any idea what this could mean?

AROA - I haven't got the faintest clue, a lot of people go through that library daily, and for sure some have been able to snap some pictures, even though it is forbidden, but I'd never seen anything like this! Do you think this is why they don't allow pictures inside?

MATINA - Do you really think so?

AROA - Well, I think it's the simplest explanation... And the way the guard was angry at you... He must know something!

MATINA - He might... But I don't see him answering any of my questions!

AROA - No, of course not, don't be crazy! You shouldn't tell anyone you have this photo! You have to figure it out another way!

MATINA - But how?

AROA - Well, the only thing that occurs to me is for you to go back there after it closes and try to examine the place where you took the picture more closely! Who knows, you might even be able to touch the book!

MATINA - WHAT? Are you insane? You're really suggesting me to break in to a library in a foreign country? Do you want me deported back to greece in my first days in portugal?

AROA - Oh, don't be a cry baby! At night there is no one there, you can surely find a way to break into it!

MATINA - But you know I'm not that type! I mean, breaking into a public building? Are we seriously considering this?

AROA - Weren't you coming to Coimbra to live new experiences?

MATINA - Yes, but legal ones, preferably!

AROA - Come on, you can't even begin to convince me that you aren't dying of curiosity about that damn ghost book!

MATINA - Of course I am! But what you propose is just... Insane!

AROA - The Matina I meet in Crete would have done it for sure!

MATINA - Shit. You know what? You're right. There's something big behind this whole deal, and I'm not going to play the good girl this time. I'll try to check it out tonight.

AROA - That's more like it! I knew you had a journalist spirit in you!

The End

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