8 - She gets back with AROA, they go back home, She sees the pictureMature

Matina looked restless as Aroa came back. She couldn't resist but ask:

AROA - What happened? I thought you would love the library!

MATINA - Yes, it is beautiful, I would never guessed what it was like inside but...

AROA - But what? You're scaring me!

MATINA - Oh, nothing to worry about, it's just that I was so impressed with it that I decided to take some photos and...

AROA - oh shit, I forgot to warn you about that...

MATINA - Don't worry about it... But the security guy was a real asshole and kicked me out without letting me explain... What a shitty first contact with portuguese people!

AROA - Really? That guy is an idiot, the portuguese are usually very kind and welcoming, do not judge them all by your first impression! You know what, I'm going to speak with him right now!

MATINA - Please don't, it's not needed, really Aroa, everything's fine. Maybe it's best we just go back home, I'm already a bit tired, what with the stairs and all, and I could snap a really great picture before the guy came, and I really wanna check it out, I might be able to use it for something im working on!

The two girls started walking back home, this time avoiding the stairs altogether and opting instead for a labyrinth of steep stone paved streets, chatting absent mindedly about old stories of vacations in Crete. Arriving, Matina went straight to her room, she couldn't stop thinking about the library and, even if just through photographs, she had to see it again. The old laptop was slow to boot up, and always seemed slower in proportion to her hurry. Finally, when the chime sounded and the desktop appeared, she connected her camera and the three photos popped up on the screen. The first one was rather dark, and although she was once again impressed, even if the absence of that characteristic smell somewhat detracted her from the experience, she decided the others must be better. No luck on the second one though

MATINA - Shit, it's all blurred, no way of fixing this... Well, let's move on to the third... WOW, WHAT THE FUCK?

She couldn't believe what her eyes were telling her, but no rubbing them made the picture any different. She had always been into horror flicks, but that was a whole different business, and nothing to do with suggestion. There was, right in the focus point of the picture, what she could only describe as a ghostly appearance, and it wasn't human - and that wasn't a camera failure, either - the rest of the picture was perfect, focused, crisp. But right in the middle, in a halo of translucent light, was what she could only describe as a really old book, although imaterial.

The End

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