6- breakfast, talk about praxe, crisis, and they go outMature

*Chirping of birds*

AROA - Rise and shine, sleepyhead! I made us breakfast!

From under a pile of bedsheets and blankets popped her head, disheveled and half asleep. Aroa was standing in her room with a big smile and a bigger tray.

MATINA - That smells really nice! If you keep treating me like this I'm never going back to Greece!

AROA - Don't get used to it, this is just to welcome you, but I'm thinking of making you my personal maid!

MATINA - Ah, I see you have everything thought out...

AROA - Yeah, since I met you in Crete. Now for real, lets have breakfast, we have a lot of stuff to see today, and I'm sure you'll love this city!

MATINA - I can hardly wait! 

Matina stepped out of the bed and sat on the floor just across Aroa, the tray on the middle serving as a makeshift table, from where Matina grabbed a particularly nice looking croissant and took a huge bite.

MATINA - Do you think we'll see caloiros today?

AROA - What? How do you know what a caloiro is?

MATINA - Yesterday, just before falling asleep, they were talking about praxe in the television. Don't you think it is a bit cruel, I mean, what they do to the freshmen here?

AROA - Well, you should know how these things go with the media, they always like to stretch the truth when it comes to these sensitive topics. Besides, do you really still believe television? 

MATINA - Oh, maybe you are right. I was half asleep anyway, and I caught it in the middle. This is delicious, by the way! What's its name?

AROA - Oh, that? It's a pastel de nata! You should also try the coffee, it's amazing here!

It might have been the hunger of the stomach or of new experiences, but the truth is that the breakfast was finished in less than 10 minutes. And from that to leaving the house, camera in her backpack and sparkles in her eyes, it was less than that.

The End

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