4- Meeting with aroaMature

*Train screeching halt, train's horn sounding*

*Announcer: Coimbra-B*

She scrubbed her eyes with some violence, trying to pull herself from slumber as quickly as possible. She had arrived. Still groggy from sleep, she haphazardly picked her bags, two in number and quite heavy, from the overhead compartment, and slowly exited to the platform.

AROA - Matina! Oh my god! You're here! - an excited voice screamed from the night that had, in the meanwhile, been quietly setting.

MATINA - Aroa! Is that really you? Your hair is so different! You look amazing!

AROA - Oh, thank you! I was needind a new look... ohhh You look tired though, had a difficult trip?

MATINA - Not really, but I was kinda nervous, kept thinking I would miss the stop, so I couldn't sleep very well...

AROA - Hey, let's just go to our place, so I can show you to your bedroom and we'll catch up on the way! Here, let me take one of your bags and let's get going! It's this way, straight ahead!

The sun had set completely by now, but the weather was still warm, a reminder of summer past. A gentle breeze was blowing, shaking the leaves adamant in not falling, not yet anyway. Their steps were brisk and all the traces of tiredness were steadily disappearing from Matina's face, reinvigorated by Aroa's presence and the feeling of arriving at a promised destination. The conversation flowed naturally.

AROA - I haven't seen you for, like, two years now...

MATINA - Yeah, I can't believe it has been that long... Remember the crazy times in Crete? What about that Greek guy you were into? Did you keep in touch?

AROA - Oh, not at all, that's completely in the past now! There are a lot of stories after that, but I'll tell you all about it later! And what about you? Did you leave any stranded boyfriends? I mean, know so little about your life in these past years... I guess facebook is no way of sustaining a long term friendship, huh...

MATINA - Oh, no, I'm a single lady!

AROA - Oh, you lucky girl, that is perfect for erasmus! You'll have a blast here! And look: we're here! Welcome home!

The End

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