3- Train from Porto to CoimbraMature

*Plane landing*

*Anouncer: You arrived at Aeroporto Sa Carneiro*

Being there, alone, in a new world, was in every way a mixed-feeling. She felt free, uplifted, and at the same time lonely in an entirely new way. She couldn't wait to get to Coimbra to meet with Aroa, her single physical lifeline to her now distant past, and yet she wondered in all the possibilities, sparkling and fresh like oxygen bubbles in the vast sea of possibility. What she need now was a train: of thought and of the other kind. Quickly, amidst the faceless crowd, she spotted the sign - train station, which she, after getting her bags back from the designated area, was swift to follow. Soon she found herself at the ticket booth, asking with anticipation:

-"Hi, I would like a ticket to Coimbra, student please!"

-"There you go, it will be 10 euros and 50 cents!"

5 more minutes between paying and embarking. She felt her heart pumping, the excitement growing. The train started, and soon the sights shifted from the dull greys into a blur of green and brown hues, as the succession of the stops kept being ominously and systematically announced by the trains robotic female voice.

*Next stop: Valadares*


*Next Stop: Granja*


*Next stop...*

She finally dozed off, defeated by exhaustion and the gentle motion of speed. She dreamt light dreams, of samurais and strange faces, lost in a world of no time or space or connection to the real asides from the ocasional trepidation of wheels against iron tracks. She was suddenly awaken, feeling like no more than 10 minutes had passed, by the robotic voice, once again announcing:

*Next stop... Coimbra B*


The End

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