2 - Airport, saying goodbye to the familyMature

MOM-Your first time on a plane! Are you excited?

The words sounded drowned out among all the commotion around her. A flurry of people, bags, sights and sounds full with the promise of unexplored places. She could still hardly believe it, an entire semester abroad in the crazy city of Coimbra and away from all her roots. As much as she tried she still couldn't wrap her head around what that near future might have in store for her.

The mother was a wrecked mess of pride and worrying:

MOM- My baby is so grown up now... I can't believe you are going away for so long! Please be careful and call us on Skype every day!

MATINA-Oh mom, don't worry, it will only be six months, and you know i will be staying with Aroa and she'll help me with everything! You already know her, my friend from last years vacation in Crete!

DAD- Yes, she seems lovely, we are glad you already have a friend there to give you a hand, but still we will miss our little girl very much!

MATINA- Oh dad, come on, you're embarrassing me! I can take care of myself, I'm not a girl anymore! Everything will be fine, and I promise to call you every week!

DAD- And you know, if you ever feel down, don't forget where you come from and your noble ancestry! 

MATINA - Are you really going to start with our japanese ancestors again? You're unbelievable!

DAD - But it is the truth! You must never forget your roots, no matter where life and time take you! Look! The boarding line is starting to move, give us a kiss and be on your way! We love you very much, little one!

*Kissing sounds*

*Anounce boarding*

*Plane taking off*

The End

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