1- Matina gets mail saying she got into UCMature

The late summer sun shimmered through the venetian blinds and onto the disheveled bed. The girl, name Matina, 22 years young, was startled out of slumber by the combined forces of light coming from her smartphone resting in the nightstand: a new e-mail. The fluorescent clock besides it read 10 A.M. and, in a morning haze, compounded by the now distant sounds of the previous night's greek party, she lazily reached for it and, in one swift smooth motion, unlocked it. She read, or rather, it did:

"Dear Matina:

We are glad to inform you that you have been accepted to study in our University as a part of the erasmus exchange program for the fall semester. Your classes will begin on september the 15th, and we encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have regarding accommodation or the learning agreement.

We look forward to see you soon and welcome you to the student life in Coimbra!

Best Academic Wishes,

The International Relations Division,

University of Coimbra"

Each word sounded in her head like a lightning bolt. This was it: after all the paperwork, all the planning and dreaming, all the wait, it was done. 

MATINA - Aroa needs to know about this!

 she mumbled, jolting out of bed and onto the computer. Turn it on, log in to facebook, open chat. 2 hours difference, 8 A.M. in Portugal, and still, luck would have it, she was on.

MATINA - "Aroa! You'll never guess what!"- she typed, frantically.

AROA - "Matina! What's up! I was about to go to sleep, just came back from the craziest party!" 

MATINA - "Guess who's going to be in Coimbra with you for the next school year?"

AROA - "No way! Did you get the answer already?"

MATINA - "Yeah! I was accepted for the erasmus! I'll start classes there middle september! I'm counting on you to show me around!"

AROA - "OMG! This is going to be crazy! You'll love Coimbra, I have so much to show you, and having been here for a year I already know a lot of stuff about the place :P"

MATINA - "Look, I just wanted to break the news to you as soon as possible, but I'll get back to you later. I have to go talk to my parents and start to prepare everything for the travel. Btw, do you know of a good place to stay there?"

AROA - "Of course, don't worry about it! We have a free room in my house, we'll live together! :D"

MATINA - "Awesome! You're the greatest Aroa, see you very soon! **"

AROA - "See you in Coimbra, can't wait!" - was the last message as she logged off and went to the kitchen, where the smell of tiganites already warmed the morning air.

The End

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