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A Babel Radio Drama

Draft Outline




1st- Matina gets mail saying she got into UC - 1st draft DONE

2nd- Airport, saying goodbye to the family (dont worry, my buddy will help me), catching plane. Famility mentions their great japanese samurai tradition. - 1st draft DONE

3rd- train sound, getting to coimbra. - 1st draft DONE

4th- she gets of at the station, and she meets her portuguese buddy and they have been friends for a while (spending holidays in spain together) - 1st draft DONE

5th- she goes home with the buddy, and she listens to the television where they have a news piece about praxe and the economic crisis and then she goes to sleep - 1st draft DONE

6th- next morning she talks with the buddy about the praxe and the crisis and the buddy says that she shouldn't worry about it, and takes her to see coimbra - 1st draft DONE

7th- they go to biblioteca joanina, but her buddy has to go somewhere to get photocopies and she wanders there alone, and starts taking pictures, the guard comes really angry and says she can’t take pictures there and expels her - 1st draft DONE

8th- she goes home and looks at the pictures, and sees the ghost of the original codigo da praxe - 1st draft DONE

9th- she tells her buddy, and the buddy is really excited, and tells her she has to go to the biblioteca and steal the ghost book - 1st draft DONE

10th- she goes in the night and stops by se nova and the book is there - 1st draft DONE

11th- Matina convinces aroa to go back home, where she shows the book to her and they analyse it and don't understand a word - 1st draft DONE

12th- Matina goes to portuguese history class, where she talks with the teacher (laser pointer) about the book. The teacher won't believe her at first, then she shows him the photo and the teacher is really agitated and says she has to bring the book to him. - 1st draft DONE

13- Matina meets with aroa after class, and aroa tells her that she has to bring to the book to council of veterans. Aroa is kinda different. Aroa tells her that the teacher is not to be trusted and is really angry for her having shown the book - 1st draft DONE

14- Matina goes to the dux and takes the book hidden with her. The dux tells her exactly the same phrase as aroa and she gets suspicious and doesn't want to give him the book and he gets really mad. She escapes. - 1st draft DONE

15- she goes to talk with the buddy, because she thinks that the buddy doesn't know, and the buddy using exactly the same sentence as the dux, and says that the teacher is crazy and not to be trusted, and a sexual harasser. Matina is confused.

16- Matina goes to sleep and Aroa tries steal the book, but she is half awake and notices and confronts her

17 - the buddy says that she doesn't understand what she’s doing and that there higher powers at play and she has to give the book for her own safety. She refuses and there is a knock on the door.

18- It’s dux and his aids. They try to get the book from her but she escapes from the window and climbs down the water drain. She goes to the teacher's office.

19- the teacher is there, and is almost starting to explain everything because he has been studying the legend of the book, but when he is about to say what must be done to destroy it, the dux enters through the wall and kills him. He can just scream “listen to the freshman chant”

20- she runs away from the dux while he is killing the teacher, and goes to praça. She tries To destroy the book but nothing can harm it.

21- She remembers the teachers last words and records freshman chants.

22- she goes to the general library where she studies the chants but doesn't find anything.

23- she goes back to the teachers office to search for more information and finds a paper saying that the truth is, as always, reversed, and also takes the laser pointer that is really a phaser vampire gun

24- she is puzzled and then thinks of reversing the chants

25- the chants are, after all, a mind control spell and also say that for the spell to be broken the book has to be destroyed in the pot of queima das fitas.

26- The pot is hidden at the council of veterans, so she goes there in the night.

27- having the book gives her vampire powers so she fights the vampires with the phaser laser pointer and she is winning and kills both aids

28- the dux says that she has immense power and she can control the world and tries to bribe her

29- the voice of the ancestor samurai vampire fighter from beyond the grave gives her strength to resist and she ends up destroying the book

30- the dux dies, the teacher comes back to life and becomes her boyfriend

31-the crisis ends, everything is ok, and eventually she finishes her erasmus

32- she is back in greece and her parents at the airport ask “how was your erasmus”? she replies “it was pretty normal!”.

The End

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