Assembly in the Solarium

Outside the vaulted glass dome and crystal glass walls stood a sprawling, vibrant refuge from the outside world.  If one would chose to place this metropolis alongside the other existing (and now non-existant) world cities, all other cities would be left vacant alongside Altisa's lure.  Altisa was more than just a city-state, it was the Elysium, whose survival was garanteed by it's removal apart from those who would flock to it, and eventually flood it.  What was it about this place that gave it this certain magnetism?  Would it be it's sense of security and eternity?  A distinct society accompianied by multiple millenia of development and evolution?  This was where the average folk where capable of engineering their own skycrafts and held in each and everyone of themselves the richness of tradition and innovation, wisdom and youth, into an ever more spirited existence.

Little did I know that because of me, things were soon to change.

From what I have heard, there had always been people that had stolen pieces of the city and given them to the world.  Da Vinci, Tesla, Einstein, all spent time in Altisa, and I must admit in retrospect, unwisely, brought figments of what they saw back with them.  A world that was never ready for Antlantopolis's technology.  Our societies of the outer world were just too immature.  Like an adolescent, they believed they were indestructable.  Time, and not much of it, told them they weren't.  The question now was whether it was worth the effort to assist the outer world in recovery.  That question was to be made by the council, which according to what I later heard, were at the time collecting the the main chamber, a solarium, a top the Bouleuterion Palace.  The following is what I later collected from the council's audio records.

"I repeat, we must keep to the constitution.  If we wish to further discussion on this, it is in direct violation of the non-interference clause"

Senator Almyss was adament.  Of course he had reason to be.  Circumstances of emergency are rare, and Altisians had strong faith in their adopted laws and constitutional system.  To dismiss of them only happened in the rarest of circumstances.

A council member replied "We risk being found.  There is no time to write and have adopted a sub-clause of exception before we could  be found.  If they have discovered our existance, there is no time to lose.  The original report delivered by our security departement states that outsider satellites passed by during rerouting of power to hold off the storm. Our anti-detection systems had been compromised"

"I believe discussion has come to a standstill" Declared the Senator in Chief "so the vote will be put; all in favor of sending a mission to erase the compromising evidence as detailed in Bill 24459.7 please rise"

The bill was passed.

The End

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