Walking to work

Smiley approached his small pink car and, with effort, climbed in through the driver window as there were no doors but still had to hunch over the steering wheel to fit in, his face almost pressed against the windscreen. A happy-looking man jogged past his car. Smiley let out a low growl to himself as he banged his head repeatedly on the steering wheel. He growled even louder and banged his head even harder when he remembered that he had left his key inside. He rolled his eyes as he struggled out of his window and back on the road. He crawled to his feet and walked with a slump to his front door. He reached his hand out to open the door and the only hinge broke and it fell inwards. He hunched his shoulders and let out a raspy sigh. Took a deep breath and let it out. He walked to the kitchen and picked up his car keys, spilling a cup of water that had been there for a few days. He walked slowly to his car and climbed back in again, kicking off the right-side mirror just as he was getting his feet in. He wiped a tear that was forming in his left eye and put the key into the ignition slot. Stall. He turned the key again and it stalled again. Stall. Stall. Stall. Stall. Stall. He grunted in frustration, grabbing an umbrella and smashing the windscreen. He crawled out as it began to pour with rain. When he was halfway up the street, he heard his car alarm go off.

Ten minutes passed and Smiley had arrived at a corner shop. He was thirsty so he diverted from his routine path  and entered the shop. It was brightly lit and clean, the perfect opposite of Smiley's house. He went over to a cooler and peered in at the choice of drinks. There was beer, soda, juice. He opened the door and reached in for a beer. He stopped. Did he even drink beer? He couldn't remember so picked it up anyway and walked over to the till. A man smiled at him as he took the beer can from Smiley's hand and told him the price. Smiley paused for a minute and then, for the first time in three months, he smiled as he reached his hand into his pocket and produced a pink wallet the size of a book. His smile lasted only mere seconds as he looked into his wallet. Some lint, his fake driver license, a pack of gum. He showed it to the shop keeper. The money pocket was empty. The shopkeeper shook his head slowly at Smiley and Smiley turned around, re-opening his broken umbrella just before he left the store.

The End

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