Nothing made me angrier than the fact that I wasn’t told about the Cloning. Apparently I was one of the first people to be cloned; but there were a few others who were in line. This line, I learnt, was a line of people who had been dead for a while. Their bodies were preserved in a special juice which kept the blood running through the body so that it could be used to exactly clone the person.

The only reason that I had been cloned was because they needed a test run and because I was already pronounced legally dead- I was the perfect victim. To be able to be cloned cost money. A lot of money…

None of the bodies (they were called bodies and not people because they were legally brain dead) had raised enough money to be cloned.

Cloning involved having a litre of your blood (for optimum results) into a funnel leading into a special machine. Out of the machine came an embryo which took about two weeks to develop.

After that, it was only a matter of time before the clone looks, feels, talks and acts like the original person. They had recognized that some pathways in the brain had connected which normal humans didn’t have; but they didn’t realise what those pathways created.

The pathways caused my eyes to be able to be clearer and better than any normal person. One of the pathways gave me the power to influence others emotions and another let me bring inanimate objects to life.

I didn’t even know what else I could do. But at least I knew now. I was a clone.

The End

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