Get In The CarMature

Once we took the elevator down and went out the last pair of squeaking doors- I saw my parents.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Theo tried to urge me forwards but I refused. I just wanted to stand in the sun breathing in the fresh air that you couldn’t breathe in a hospital.

“Ezrai, you haven’t been in the sun for three months- you’re probably going to burn quickly.” Theo said. His excuse was quite valid but it sounded like he just wanted to leave.

I didn’t refuse this time, because he was right. I could feel the sun prickling the back of my exposed neck. Our parents gestured for us to come quickly. What were they all so worried about? It was a great day! I was just omitted from hospital! They should have been happy.

“Quick, Theo, get her here-quick, into the car.” Mum yelled. Dad got into the driver’s seat and started up the car.

“Whats wrong?” I quietly asked Theo. Theo gulped and looked down. We stopped at the car. He opened the door for me.

“You’re not exactly feeling the best; we need to get you home.” He mumbled. I got in the car without complaint.

But I knew. He was a liar.

The End

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