Not One SmileMature

I fell into a deep sleep that night; deeper than I had slept in ages since I woke up. I think it was because all the missing pieces in my head had mostly come together. I couldn’t be sure, but I don’t think that there was anyone else in my life that I needed to remember.

“In you go then, she’s already ready, I just helped her get dressed.” That was the nurse. Theoden entered my room and smiled warmly at me.

“Hey Ezrai…Are you ready to go? Everyone is so excited.” He cried. I nodded and wiggled my toes. I wasn’t given any shoes to put on- probably because it might be hard to get used to them again. I still knew how to walk, I figured that much out when I had to go to the toilet earlier.

The funny thing was, in my coma, I hadn’t needed to go to the toilet at all. I hadn’t even needed food or water to stay alive. I suspected that they were lying to me. But what did I know?

Theo gave me his hand as support. I took it gratefully. Slowly but surely, we made our way out the door. I was going slower than I remember walking and I quickened my pace, tightening my grip on Theo’s arm as I did.

Every single person on the top floor with us stared at me when we passed. I tried not to look at them.

Not one smile did I get from any of those nurses. Not one happy look. There was just a bunch of depressed and worried looks.

The End

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