Merry Christmas and a Happy BirthdayMature

I nodded. That’s right; the last thing I heard my family talking about was the fact that I had been out for three months, missing my birthday and Christmas. My birthday was on the 25th November. Just one month from Christmas.

“Honey, are you alright?” The specialist asked me. Every other doctor or nurse in view stopped and stared at me. I nodded and politely took the box that she was holding.

The specialist left me and I sat up a little straighter in the bed. I opened the card first.

‘Dear Ezrai, we missed you at home. It just wasn’t the same without you. We are so glad that you are well again and we can’t wait for you to come home. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas (this is a present from Francis; the one I got you is best and its waiting until you get back home) Love, Theoden, Mum and Dad.’

I smiled. It hurt. Memories of Francis exploded in my head and then after I blinked a couple of times the pictures in my head seemed to fall into line and create a sort of timeline from when we met until now.

Francis…my friend.

The End

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