“You can leave tomorrow if you feel fit enough for it.” The specialist informed me. He then took a sample of my blood and walked away. Now, I don’t know what went on up here in the fifth floor, but someone taking my blood was not ok. I was better now. I didn’t need constant supervision.

But, being alone for most of the day helped me to come up with some very strange answers. First was the Vampiric theory. I thought that I had possibly woken up in an alternate universe where they take your blood to survive. These vampiric creatures looked human but secretly- they’re not.

Another theory was that I had really died and this was heaven and they were making me well enough to live my heavenly life. Or maybe this was hell. But that wouldn’t explain why I felt really good. Maybe they made you feel good and then roasted you.

“Alrighty now, are you feeling fit as a fiddle?” Another specialist asked me as she entered the room. I felt like reminding her that I was not a five year old. I was 14. “Now, a young man named Theoden just dropped this off, he said to say happy birthday, merry Christmas and he’ll be down in about an hour to celebrate the new year.”

The End

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